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Programmable Mode; Initiation Of Remote Control Ir Signal - Electrolux ControlBox24/7 User Manual

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Programmable mode

If you have a non-Electrolux heat pump or other appliance with an IR receiver you want to control, you can use programmable mode. Up to 10
different fi xed IR signals can be programmed in using individual commands.
To program your own IR signals, the unit must be in programmable mode, see chapter "Programming - entering heat pump model" for
further instructions.
Follow the steps below to program new or replace old IR signals.

Initiation of remote control IR signal

1. Start by switching off your heat pump, so that the remote control shows that the pump is
switched off.
2. The ControlBox24/7 must fi rst read what type of IR signals your unit uses. Send the following text
message to ControlBox24/7: RS
3. The unit will go into learning mode, as shown by the IR indicator light fl ashing slowly for 1 minute,
during which you must perform the next step.
4. Aim your remote control at the IR receiver on the right side of the ControlBox24/7 and press the
ON/OFF button on your remote control to start the heat pump.
5. The IR indicator will now indicate that an IR signal is being received by remaining lit for 3 seconds, and will then begin to fl ash slowly again. Aim
your remote control at the IR receiver on the right side of the ControlBox24/7 again, and press the ON/OFF button once more.
6. Once the initiation process is completed and successful, the ControlBox24/7 will confi rm by sending the following text: "Learning -
SUCCESSFUL". NOTE! The initiation process will not save any IR signal unless it has read which IR format is to be used.
When the command RS is sent
to ControlBox24/7, all previously
programmed signals will be deleted.



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