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  • Page 1 User Manual ControlBox 24/7...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Safety regulations Description Electricity supply Getting started Programming Formatting programming strings Enter reporting number Low temperature warning Entering heat pump model Programmable mode Initiation of remote control IR signal Programming your own IR signals Remote control your heat pump Other settings Temperature compensation Redirecting the confi...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    AirCare - Generate complete text messages via an app If you have a smartphone, you can also use an app which generates a text message for you, and sends it to your ControlBox24/7. The apps can be downloaded from App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android under the name ‘AirCare’.
  • Page 4: Description

  • Page 5 DESCRIPTION IR transmitter GSM test button Press the button to read current GSM signal strength. The GSM IR transmitter indicator will fl ash from 1 to 10 times, depending on strength (1 = Sends IR signals to your heat pump, and has a range of up to 10 low signal strength, 10 = high signal strength) metres.
  • Page 6: Electricity Supply

    ELECTRICITY SUPPLY • The unit is powered by the voltage adapter supplied (230V AC / 12V DC 1A) • Rechargeable backup battery: If the unit is deactivated by a power outage, the integrated battery will power it for up to 12 hours. The battery will be recharged as long as the external power supply is connected.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    When choosing a mobile operator for the SIM card in your ControlBox24/7, always consider the following: • ControlBox24/7 works best with GSM/2G, which means that operators which only provide 3G WILL NOT work with the unit. • Choose the operator with the best GSM cover in the area where you intend to locate your ControlBox24/7.
  • Page 8: Programming

    To enable the unit to know which status reports to send, one or more numbers must be entered. Up to 5 different numbers can be entered for receiving status reports. To save a number as the unit’s primary reporting number (TEL1) send the following text message to ControlBox24/7; TEL1 <NUMBER>...
  • Page 9: Low Temperature Warning

    Activation: LTWON (default setting) Activation: HTWON Deactivation: LTWOFF Deactivation: HTWOFF (default setting) Request current temperature To see what the current temperature is where your ControlBox24/7 is located, send the following text message to the unit: TEMP...
  • Page 10: Entering Heat Pump Model

    ControlBox24/7 is designed to suit several models of heat pumps, and therefore has to know which model you have. To make this setting, you need to know which model of heat pump you have. If your heat pump is not an Electrolux model, you can select the programmable mode, and enter up to 10 different IR signals.
  • Page 11: Programmable Mode

    Programmable mode If you have a non-Electrolux heat pump or other appliance with an IR receiver you want to control, you can use programmable mode. Up to 10 different fi xed IR signals can be programmed in using individual commands.
  • Page 12: Programming Your Own Ir Signals

    3. The IR indicator light will start to fl ash slowly for 1 minute, during which you must aim the control at the IR receiver on the right side of the ControlBox24/7, and press the ON/OFF button on your remote control. 4. The IR indicator will remain lit for 3 seconds, and the ControlBox24/7 will send one of the following programming confi rmations (see below for explanation): “Learning - SUCCESSFUL”...
  • Page 13: Remote Control Your Heat Pump

    Flexible control (Only works with Electrolux heat pumps) Once ControlBox24/7 has been set up for the correct heat pump model, you can control your heat pump by sending text message to the unit. Follow the instructions below for giving the command. Please note that this command will start the heat pump even when it is switched off.
  • Page 14: Other Settings

    OTHER SETTINGS Temperature compensation If your ControlBox24/7 is located where the temperature is consistently a few degrees higher or lower than where you want to measure it, you can adjust the temperature on the unit. To compensate the monitored temperature, send the following text message to your ControlBox24/7: TADJ <X><YY>...
  • Page 15: Redirecting The Confi Rmation Message

    By default, your ControlBox24/7 will send all correctly formulated commands back to the same telephone number they came from. If your ControlBox24/7 is used by other people, and you want to direct all confi rmations of incoming commands to the unit to a single number, you can designate a standard telephone number as follows: STEL <X>...
  • Page 16: Enter Country Code

    Enter country code Certain mobile operators remove the country code from incoming texts, which can cause a problem if ControlBox24/7 has to be controlled from a country other than where it is placed. A problem can arise sending back the confi rmation message (only applies if the STEL commando is deactivated).
  • Page 17: Command - List

    Temperature warning NACO Setting for country code Enter country code Switches off heat pump Flexible control SET? Returns current settings to ControlBox24/7 Other settings STEL Sets standard receiver for confi rmations Confi rmation message TADJ Adjusts temperature read Temperature compensation...
  • Page 18: Installation

    ControlBox24/7 has two integrated IR diodes, which send signals via IR light. You must therefore locate the unit with uninterrupted line of sight to the heat pump to be controlled. Test that the IR signal is received by pressing the IR test button while holding the ControlBox24/7 where it is to be located, to ensure that the IR signal is received.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    Reset default settings If you want to delete all settings on your ControlBox24/7, the process is simple, using ‘default reset’. Follow the steps below. 1. Disconnect external power supply and switch off the battery switch under the SIM card cover.
  • Page 20: Errors - Remedy And Cause

    Check that the SIM card is active and works using a standard mobile phone. execute commands despite all indication lights lighting as they should. (2 green lights) Text command executed by ControlBox24/7 but I receive • Check that the SIM card can send a text message from a standard mobile phone.
  • Page 21: Specifi Cation

    SPECIFICATIONS Product specifi cation Product name ControlBox24/7 Electricity supply 12V DC, 1A (via adapter 230V AC 350mA) No. of IR transmitters IR transmitter range Up to 10m No. of IR receivers IR receiver range Up to 30cm No. of temperature sensors Temperature sensor - range +0°C - +50°C...
  • Page 22 www.electroluxaircomfort.com...

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