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Errors - Remedy And Cause - Electrolux ControlBox24/7 User Manual

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Causes and solutions
Unit will not respond to a text message and will not
execute commands despite all indication lights lighting as
they should. (2 green lights)
Text command executed by ControlBox24/7 but I receive
no text message confi rmation
GSM indicator light on constantly.
GSM indicator fl ashing slowly.
Battery indicator light gone out
Battery indicator light fl ashing slowly
Power indicator light is off
Check that the SIM card is active and works using a standard mobile phone.
Check that the SIM card can send a text message from a standard mobile phone.
Check that the GSM signal strength is suffi cient (Above 4)
Check that STEL command is set correctly.
Check country code setting. (NACO)
The indicator will normally be on for up to 30 seconds during start-up of
No/poor GSM signal.
Error on SIM card or GSM unit. Test SIM card in standard mobile phone.
The backup battery is either switched off or disconnected, check that the battery
switch is in the ON position.
The unit has lost external power and the rechargeable backup battery is running
out. Check that the external power supply is working and is connected.
The unit has lost external power. Check that the adapter is working and is



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