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the display. At this point of the programme,
starts an anti-crease phase which lasts
about 10 minutes. During this time the
door is locked and the display keeps
showing the flashing zero «
wish to open the door before or during the
Fluff in the garments
PHASE, certain types of fabric, as sponge-
cloth, sweatshirt, could release fluff.
The released fluff could stick to the fabrics dur-
ing the next cycle.
This drawback increases with technical fabrics.
To prevent the lint in your clothes, it is recom-
• To do not wash dark fabrics after you wash-
ed and dried light coloured fabrics (new

Care and cleaning

Warning! You must DISCONNECT the
appliance from the electricity supply,
before you can carry out any cleaning or
maintenance work.
The water we use normally contains lime. It is a
good idea to periodically use a water softening
powder in the machine. Do this separately from
any laundry washing, and according to the soft-
ening powder manufacturer's instructions. This
will help to prevent the formation of lime depos-
External cleaning
Clean the exterior cabinet of the appliance with
soap and water only, and then dry thoroughly.
Cleaning the dispenser drawer
The washing powder and additive dispenser
drawer should be cleaned regularly.
8. Turn the selector dial to the
». (If you
9. Remove the laundry.
sponge, sweatshirt especially) and vice ver-
• To air-dry this type of fabrics when they are
washed the first time.
• To clean the filter.
• Perform one or more rinse cycles to wash the
drum between the washing and drying of
fabrics with different colours.
• After the drying phase, thoroughly clean the
empty drum, the gasket and the door with a
wet rag.
Remove the drawer
by pressing the catch
downwards and by
pulling it out. Flush it
out under a tap, to re-
move any traces of
accumulated powder.
Cleaning the drawer recess
anti-crease phase, please follow the in-
structions given in the previous chapter).
switch the machine off.
position to
To aid cleaning, the
top part of the addi-
tive compartment
should be removed.
Having removed the
drawer, use a small
brush to clean the re-
cess, ensuring that all
washing powder resi-
due is removed from
the upper and lower
part of the recess.

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Table of Contents

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