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• The selected delay can be changed only af-
ter selecting the washing programme again.
• The door will be locked throughout the delay
time. If you need to open the door, you must
first set the washing machine to PAUSE by
pressing button 7 and wait a few minutes be-
fore opening the door. After you have closed
the door, press the same button again.
Important! The Delay Start cannot be
selected with the draining programme.
Altering an option or a running
It is possible to change some options before
the programme carries them out.
Before you make any change, you must pause
the washing machine by pressing button 7.
Changing a running programme is possible only
by resetting it. Turn the programme selector di-
al to
and then to the new programme posi-
tion. Start the new programme by pressing but-
ton 7 again.
The washing water in the tub will be not emp-
tied out.
Interrupting a programme
Press the button 7 to interrupt a programme
which is running, the corresponding pilot light
starts blinking. Press the button again to re-
start the programme.
Cancelling a programme
Turn the selector dial to
gramme which is running. Now you can select a
new programme.
Opening the door after the programme
has started
First set the machine to pause by pressing the
button 7.
If the pilot light 9 goes off, the door can be

Use - Drying

Drying only
to cancel a pro-
If the pilot light 9 remains lit, this means that the
machine is already heating or that the water lev-
el is too high. In any case, do not force the
If you cannot open the door but you need to
open it, switch the machine off by turning the
selector dial to
. After a few minutes the
door can be opened.
(Pay attention to the water level and tem-
After closing the door, it is necessary to select
the programme and options again and to press
button 7.
At the end of the programme
The machine stops automatically. The blinking
appears on the display, the pilot light of but-
ton 7 and the pilot light 9 go off.
If a programme or an option that ends with wa-
ter left in the tub has been selected, the pilot
light 9 remains on and the door is locked to in-
dicate that the water must be emptied out be-
fore opening the door.
Before you empty out the water, the drum con-
tinues to run at regular intervals until the water
Follow the below instructions to empty out the
1. Turn the programme selector dial to
2. Select the draining or spinning programme.
3. Reduce the spin speed if needed, by
pressing the relevant button.
4. Press button 7.
At the end of the programme, the door is re-
leased and can be opened. Turn the pro-
gramme selector dial to
chine off.
Remove the laundry from the drum and carefully
check that the drum is empty. If you do not in-
tend to carry out another wash, close the water
tap. Leave the door open to prevent the forma-
tion of mildew and unpleasant smells.
The recommended load size is 3 kg for cottons
and linen, and 2 kg for synthetic items.
to switch the ma-

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Table of Contents

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