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Drying Hints

Preparing the drying cycle
As a dryer, the appliance works on the conden-
sation principle.
Therefore, the water tap must be open
and the drain hose must drain water into
a sink or into the drain pipe, even during
the drying cycle.
Before starting the drying programme, reduce
the loads of washed laundry, in order to obtain
good performances.
Laundry not suitable for drying
• Particularly delicate items such as synthetic
curtains, woollen and silk, garments with
metal inserts, nylon stockings, bulky gar-
ments such as anoraks, bed covers, quilts,
sleeping bags and duvets must not be ma-
chine dried.
• Avoid drying dark clothes with light coloured
fluffy items such as towels as these can at-
tract the fluff.
• Remove the laundry when the appliance has
finished drying.
• To avoid a static charge when drying is com-
pleted, use either a fabric softener when you
are washing the laundry or a fabric condition-
er specifically for tumble dryers.
• Garments padded with foam-rubber or mate-
rials similar to foam-rubber must not be ma-
chine dried; they represent a fire hazard.
• Also, fabrics containing residue of setting lo-
tions or hair sprays, nail solvents or similar
solutions must not be machine dried in order
to avoid the formation of harmful vapours.
The detergent and any additives must be
placed in the appropriate compartments of the
dispenser drawer before starting the wash pro-

First use

• Ensure that the electrical and water
connections comply with the installation
If using liquid detergents, a programme with-
out prewash must be selected.
Your appliance incorporates a re-circulation
system which allows an optimal use of the con-
centrated detergent.
Follow the product manufacturer's recommen-
dations on quantities to use and do not ex-
ceed the «MAX» mark in the detergent
dispenser drawer.
Garment labels
For drying, follow the indications given on the
manufacturer's labels:
= May be tumble dried
= Drying at high temperature
= Drying at reduced temperature
= Do not tumble dry.
Drying cycle duration
The drying time may vary depending on:
• speed of the final spin
• dryness degree required (iron dry, store dry)
• type of laundry
• weight of the load size .
The average drying time for a timed drying are
indicated in the «Drying programmes» chapter.
The experience will help you to dry your laundry
in a more suitable way, according to the differ-
ent fabrics. Take note of the duration drying
time of the already performed cycles.
Additional drying
If the laundry is still damp at the end of the dry-
ing programme, select a short drying cycle
Warning! Do not over dry the laundry
in order to avoid creasing of fabrics
or garment's shrinking.
• Remove the polystyrene block and any
material from the drum.
• Before the first wash, run a cotton cycle
at the highest temperature without any

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Table of Contents

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