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Personalisation; Daily Use - Zanussi ZKG7145 User Manual

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laundry in the machine, to remove any
manufacturing residue from the drum
and tub. Pour 1/2 a measure of deter-


Acoustic signals
The machine is provided with an acoustic de-
vice, which sounds in the following cases:
• at the end of the cycle
• if there is a fault.
By pressing the 3 and 4 buttons simultaneously
for about 6 seconds, the acoustic signal is de-
activated (except if there is a fault). By pressing
these 2 buttons again, the acoustic signal is re-
Child safety lock
This device permits you to leave the appliance
unattended so you do not need to worry that

Daily Use

Load the laundry
Open the door by
carefully pulling the
door handle out-
wards. Place the
laundry in the drum,
one item at a time,
shaking them out as
much as possible.
Close the door.
Make sure that no
laundry stays be-
tween the seal and
the door. There is a
risk of water leakage
or damage to the
gent into the main wash compartment
and start the machine.
children might be injured by or cause damage
to the appliance. This function remains enabled
also when the washing machine is not working.
There are two different ways to set this option:
1. Before pressing button 7: it will be impos-
sible to start the machine.
2. After pressing button 7: it will be impossi-
ble to change any other programme or op-
To enable or disable this option press simulta-
neously for about 6 seconds buttons 2 and 3
until on the display, the icon
Measure out the detergent and the fabric
Pull out the dispenser drawer until it stops.
Measure out the amount of detergent re-
quired, pour it into the main wash compart-
or in the appropriate compartment if
the selected programme/option it requires
(see more details in "Detergent dispenser
If required, pour fabric softener into the com-
partment marked
not exceed the «MAX» mark in the drawer).
Close the drawer gently.
appears or dis-
(the amount used must

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