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4. put the two ends of the inlet hose in a con-
tainer and let the water flow out of the
5. empty the drain pump as described in the
'Emergency emptying out' section.
6. when the drain pump is empty, install the
water inlet hose again.
Make sure that the temperature is more than 0
°C before you use the appliance again.
The manufacturer is not responsible for dam-
ages caused by low temperatures.
Emergency emptying out
If the appliance cannot drain the water, pro-
ceed as follows to empty out the machine:
1. pull out the plug from the power socket;
2. close the water tap;
3. if necessary, wait until the water has
cooled down;

What to do if...

Certain problems are due to lack of simple
maintenance or oversights, which can be
solved easily without calling out an engineer.
Before contacting your local Service Centre,
please carry out the checks listed below.
During machine operation it is possible that the
red pilot light of button 7 blinks, one of the fol-
lowing alarm codes appears on the display and
some acoustic signals sound every 20 seconds
to indicate that the machine is not working:
4. open the pump door;
5. place a container on the floor below the re-
cess of the drain pump;
6. press the two levers and pull forward the
drainage duct to let the water flow out;
7. when the container is full of water, put the
drainage duct back again and empty the
repeat this operation until water stops
flowing out;
8. if necessary clean the pump (refer to the
section 'Cleaning the pump' );
9. close the drain pump door.
When you drain the water with the emergency
drain procedure, you must activate again the
drain system:
1. Put 2 litres of water in the main wash com-
partment of the detergent dispenser.
2. Start the programme to drain the water.
: problem with the water supply.
: problem with the water draining.
: door open.
Once the problem has been eliminated, press
the button 7 to restart the programme. If after
all checks, the problem persists, contact your
local Service Centre.

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Table of Contents

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