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Note! By pressing Drying Time button it is
also possible to dry up to 4 kg of cotton
items (see the «Drying Programme» table).
The water tap must be open and the drain
hose must be positioned in the sink or
connected to the drain pipe.
1. Load the laundry.
2. Select a spin cycle at the maximum spin
speed allowed for the type of laundry in or-
der to obtain the best drying performances.
3. Select the drying programme for Cottons
or Synthetic in the Drying sector of the
programme selector dial.
4. If you wish to select an electronic drying,
press the button 3 until the pilot light cor-
responding to the required dryness degree
5. If you wish to select a timed drying, press
button 4 until the time you want appears on
the display (see the «Drying Programmes»
table). Every time you press this button the
drying time increases by 5 minutes.
The programme time will automatically in-
crease by a few minutes.
6. Press button 7 to start the programme.
After the programme has started, the time
remaining is updated every minute.
The different type of cottons (towelling,
sheets, shirts, and so on) or any laundry
items rolling up during the spinning phase
may result in partial dryness. In the excep-
tional case that at the end of the cycle the
laundry remains slightly wet, we suggest
that you unfold the rolled up items, redis-
tribute them evenly in the drum and select
an additional drying cycle of 20-30 mi-
7. At the end of the programme, the buzzer
sounds and a blinking «
The last 10 minutes of the drying cycle
correspond to an anti-crease phase. Dur-
ing this time the door is locked and the dis-
play keeps showing the flashing zero «
» appear on the
If you wish to open the door before or dur-
ing the anti-crease phase or to interrupt it,
press any button or turn the programme
selector dial to any programme position
), the door can be opened after
a few minutes.
8. Turn the selector dial to the
switch the machine off.
9. Remove the laundry.
Automatic washing and drying (NON-
STOP programme)
For NON-STOP programmes, the recommen-
ded load size is 3 kg for cotton and 2 kg for
Note! It is possible to dry up to 4 kg of
cotton items by pressing Drying Time but-
ton only (see the «Drying Programme» ta-
Do not use a dosing device/ball when
carrying out a washing and drying pro-
1. Load the laundry.
2. Add detergent and fabric softener.
3. Switch the machine on by turning the se-
lector dial to the selected washing pro-
4. Select the required options by pressing the
relevant buttons.
If possible, do not select a spin speed low-
er than that proposed by the appliance to
avoid too long a drying time therefore sav-
ing energy.
In any case the reduction of the spin speed
is only possible after selecting drying.
5. Select the drying time by pressing the but-
ton 4 or dryness degree by pressing the
button 3. The display shows the entire du-
ration of the washing and the selected dry-
ing cycle.
6. Start the programme by pressing button 7.
After the programme has started, the time
remaining is updated every minute.
7. At the end of the programme the buzzer
sounds. A flashing zero «
position to
» appear on

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