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Start/Pause button
Delay start button

Table of symbols

= Rinse hold
1-8 Programme selector dial, spin speed
button, drying level and time, and
available options
Programme Selector Dial
It allows you to switch the appliance on/off and/
or to select a programme.
By pressing this button you can change the
spin speed of the selected programme or to se-
lect Rinse Hold option.
Rinse hold
By selecting this function the water of the last
rinse is not emptied out to prevent the fabrics
from creasing. Before opening the door it will
be necessary to empty out the water. To empty
out the water, please read the paragraph «At
the end of the programme».
Automatic Dry
By pressing this button you can choose the re-
quired degree of drying for cottons and syn-
• Cupboard dry (Cottons and Synthetics)
• Iron dry (Cottons)
The pilot light corresponding to the selected
dryness degree will illuminate.
Drying Time
If you wish to carry out a timed drying pro-
gramme, press this button until the drying time
you want appears on the display according to
the fabrics (cottons or synthetics) you have to
dry. For Cottons you can select a drying time
from 10 minutes to 250 minutes (4.10). For
Synthetics you can select a drying time from 10
minutes to 130 minutes (2.10). Every time you
press this button the drying time increases by 5
Door pilot light
= Child Safety Lock
Available options:
Super Quick
Short cycle for lightly soiled items or for laundry
which needs only freshening up. We recom-
mend you to reduce the fabrics loading.
Extra Rinse
This appliance is designed to save energy. If it
necessary to rinse the laundry using an extra
quantity of water (extra rinse), select this option.
Some additional rinses will be performed. This
option is recommended for people who are al-
lergic to detergents, and in areas where the
water is very soft.
Start Pause
This button allows you to start or to interrupt
the selected programme.
Delay Start
The programme can be delayed from 30 min -
60 min - 90 min, 2 hours and then by 1 hour up
to a maximum of 20 hours by means of this but-
Door light
The pilot light 9 illuminates when the pro-
gramme starts and indicates if the door can be
• light on: the door cannot be opened. The
machine is working or has stopped with wa-
ter left in the tub.
• light off: the door can be opened. The pro-
gramme is finished or the water has been
emptied out.
• light blinking: the door is opening in a few

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