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  • Page 1 User manual Washer-dryer ZKG 7125 ZKG 7145 ZKG 7165...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety information _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 Personalisation _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 13 Product description _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 Daily Use _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 13 Control panel _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5...
  • Page 3 • After having installed the appliance, check that it is not tumble dry items which have been washed in water or standing on the inlet and drain hose and the worktop is require airing. not pressing the electrical supply cable against the •...
  • Page 4: Product Description

    Product description Detergent dispenser drawer Control panel Door opening handle Rating plate Drain pump Adjustable feet Detergent dispenser drawer Compartment for detergent used for prewash and soak phase or for stain remover used during the stain action phase (if available). The prewash and soak detergent is added at the beginning of the wash programme.
  • Page 5: Control Panel

    Control panel On the following page there is a picture of the control panel. It shows the programme selector dial as well as the buttons, pilot lights and the display. These are presented by relevant numbers on the following pages. Programme selector dial Extra rinse button Spin button...
  • Page 6 Available options: The display shows the following information: 10.1: Child safety lock Super Quick This device permits you to leave the appliance unattended Short cycle for lightly soiled items or for laundry which during it's functioning. needs only freshening up. We recommend you to reduce 10.2: the fabrics loading.
  • Page 7: Washing Programmes

    90° - 60° RINSE HOLD Main wash - Rinses SUPER QUICK Maximum spin speed at 1200 rpm (ZKG 7125), 1400 rpm (ZKG EXTRA RINSE 7145), 1600 rpm (ZKG 7165) Max. load 6 kg - Reduced load 3 kg White cotton(heavily and normally soiled items).
  • Page 8 Programme - Maximum and Minimum Temperature - Cycle De- Detergent Compart- scription - Maximum Spin Speed - Maximum Fabrics Load - Options ment Type of Laundry Easy iron SPIN 40° RINSE HOLD Main wash - Rinses EXTRA RINSE Maximum spin speed at 900 rpm Max.
  • Page 9: Automatic Drying Programmes

    Options ment Type of Laundry Rinses SPIN Maximum spin speed at 1200 rpm (ZKG 7125), 1400 rpm (ZKG RINSE HOLD 7145), 1600 rpm (ZKG 7165) EXTRA RINSE Max. load 6 kg With this programme it is possible to rinse and spin cotton gar- ments which have been washed by hand.
  • Page 10: Drying Programmes

    Degree of Drying Type of Fabric Max Load Iron dry Cotton and linen (sheets, table- 3 kg Suitable for ironing cloths, shirts, etc.) Drying Programmes Suggested dry- Degree of Drying Type of Fabric Max Load Spin Speed ing time in Mins 130-150 1600...
  • Page 11 Rub particularly soiled areas with a special detergent or The choice of detergent will depend on the type of fabric detergent paste. (delicates, woollens, cottons, etc.), the colour, washing Treat curtains with special care. Remove hooks or tie them temperature and degree of soiling. up in a bag or net.
  • Page 12: Drying Hints

    Drying Hints Preparing the drying cycle If using liquid detergents, a programme without prewash must be selected. As a dryer, the appliance works on the condensation prin- Your appliance incorporates a re-circulation system which ciple. allows an optimal use of the concentrated detergent. Therefore, the water tap must be open and the drain hose Follow the product manufacturer’s recommendations on must drain water into a sink or into the drain pipe, even...
  • Page 13: Personalisation

    Personalisation Acoustic signals by or cause damage to the appliance. This function re- mains enabled also when the washing machine is not The machine is provided with an acoustic device, which working. sounds in the following cases: There are two different ways to set this option: •...
  • Page 14 programme. (See "Washing programmes" for the maxi- Set the washing machine to PAUSE by pressing but- mum allowed spin speed). ton 7. Press this button repeatedly to change the spin speed, if Press button 8 once. On the display will appear you want your laundry to be spun at a different speed.
  • Page 15: Use - Drying

    At the end of the programme Select the draining or spinning programme. Reduce the spin speed if needed, by pressing the The machine stops automatically. The blinking appears relevant button. on the display, the pilot light of button 7 and the pilot light 9 go off.
  • Page 16: Care And Cleaning

    Load the laundry. Start the programme by pressing button 7. After the programme has started, the time remaining is upda- Add detergent and fabric softener. ted every minute. Switch the machine on by turning the selector dial to At the end of the programme the buzzer sounds. A the selected washing programme/fabric.
  • Page 17 Remove the drawer by To aid cleaning, the top Open the pump door. pressing the catch down- part of the additive com- Put a container below the recess of the drain pump to wards and by pulling it partment should be re- collect the water that flows out.
  • Page 18 empty. When refitting the pump cover, ensure it is securely re-tightened so as to stop leaks and young children being able to remove it. Cleaning the water inlet filters Important! If the appliance doesn't fill, takes long to fill with water, the starting button blinks yellow or the display (if available) shows the relevant alarm (see chapter "What to do if..."...
  • Page 19: What To Do If

    Frost precautions pull out the plug from the power socket; close the water tap; If the machine is installed in a place where the tempera- ture could drop below 0°C, remove the remaining water if necessary, wait until the water has cooled down; from the inlet hose and the drain pump.
  • Page 20 Problem Possible cause/Solution The door has not been closed. • Close the door firmly. The plug is not properly inserted in the power socket. • Insert the plug into the power socket. There is no power at the socket. • Please check your domestic electrical installation. The main fuse has blown.
  • Page 21 Problem Possible cause/Solution Too much detergent or unsuitable detergent (creates too much foam) has been used. • Reduce the detergent quantity or use another one. Check whether there are any leaks from one of the inlet hose fittings. It is not always easy to see this as the water runs down the hose;...
  • Page 22 Problem Possible cause/Solution The electronic unbalance detection device has cut in because the laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum. The laundry is redistributed by reverse rota- tion of the drum. This may happen several times before the unbalance disap- pears and normal spinning can resume.
  • Page 23: Technical Data

    3 Kg Cotton Big Capacity 4 Kg Synthetic 2 Kg Spin Speed Maximum 1600 rpm (ZKG 7165) 1400 rpm (ZKG 7145) 1200 rpm (ZKG 7125) Consumption values Programme Energy consumption Water consumption (litres) Programme duration (Mi- (KWh) nutes) White Cottons 90°...
  • Page 24: Installation

    Installation Unpacking Positioning All transit bolts and packing must be removed before us- Install the machine on a flat hard floor. Make sure that air ing the appliance. circulation around the machine is not impeded by carpets, You are advised to keep all transit devices so that they can rugs etc.
  • Page 25 Caution! Before connecting up the appliance to new There should be a minimum vertical distance of 5.02 m pipework or to pipework that has not been used for (16.5 ft) between the appliance’s inlet and the bottom of some time, run off a reasonable amount of water to flush the water storage tank.
  • Page 26 Please ensure that when the appliance is installed it is easily accessible for the engineer in the event of a breakdown. In the interest of the environment The appliance should be connected to the FOUL drainage system, the water will then be taken to a sewage works for treatment before being discharged safely into a river.
  • Page 27: Environmental Concerns

    In the event of having to change the fuse in the plug sup- MUST be carried out by our Service Force Centre. The plied, a 13 amp ASTA approved (BS1363/A) fuse must be appliance should not be connected to the electrical supply used.
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