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  • Page 2 Dear customer, Please read these operating instructions carefully and pay particular attention to the safety notes indicated in the first pages. We recommend that you keep this instruction booklet for future reference and pass it on to any future owners. Transport damages When unpacking the appliance, check that it is not damaged.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Warnings Maintenance Door seal Disposal Bodywork Detergent dispenser drawer Tips for environmental protection Drain pump Water inlet filter Technical specifications Emergency emptying out The dangers of freezing Installation Unpacking Something not working? 54-55 Positioning Water inlet Water drainage Electrical connection Your new washer-dryer Description of the appliance Door locked pilot light...
  • Page 4: Warnings

    Warnings The following warnings are provided in the interests of overall safety. You must read them carefully before installing or using the appliance. Installation • Use only the recommended quantities of fabric softener. An excessive amount could damage the • All internal packing must be removed before using laundry.
  • Page 5: Disposal

    Disposal Packaging materials The symbol on the product or on its packaging The materials marked with the symbol indicates that this product may not be treated as recyclable. household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to >PE<=polyethylene the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Page 6: Technical Specifications

    2.5 kg Synthetics 2.5 kg Delicates 2.5 kg Woollens SPIN SPEED 1000 rpm max. (ZKG 2100) 1200 rpm max. (ZKG 2120) POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE/FREQUENCY 220-230 V/50 Hz TOTAL POWER ABSORBED 2200 W MINIMUM FUSE PROTECTION 10 A WATER PRESSURE Minimum 0.05 MPa...
  • Page 7: Installation

    Installation Unpacking 7. Plug all the holes with the plugs which you will find in the envelope containing the instruction booklet. All transit bolts and packing must be removed before using the appliance. You are advised to keep all transit devices so that they can be refitted if the machine ever has to be transported again.
  • Page 8: Water Drainage

    The inlet hose must not be lengthened. If it is too The drain hose must not be kinked. short and you do not wish to move the tap, you will have to purchase a new, longer hose specially designed for this type of use. Important! Before connecting up the machine to new pipework or to pipework that has not been used for some time,...
  • Page 9: Your New Washer-Dryer

    Your new washer-dryer This new washer-dryer meets all modern needs for effective treatment of laundry with low water, energy and detergent consumption. • The possibility of selecting the temperature, spin speed and all the options offered by this machine gives you truly “customised”...
  • Page 10: Door Locked Pilot Light

    Maximum speeds are: • for cotton: 1,000 rpm (ZKG 2100) or 3 FABRIC button (TEIJDOS) 1,200 rpm (ZKG 2120); • for synthetic fabrics, wool, and fabrics to be hand- Press this button repeatedly to select the programme washed: 900 rpm;...
  • Page 11: Controls

    You can select the spin speed by means of the The corresponding pilot light illuminates. relevant button and then press the START/PAUSE The drying time is automatically adjusted by the button. machine: the laundry will be dried to the selected degree of dryness.
  • Page 12 The three blinking dashes will also appear when you press the ON/OFF button to switch the machine on, if the previously selected cycle has been erased. Important! The first time you use the machine, when you switch it on, it may display a blinking zero. This is due to the fact that the machine has performed a •...
  • Page 13 • An alarm code indicates a fault in the machine • RINSES and SPIN operation (see the relevant chapter on page 54). Depress RESET (ANUL.) once, the pilot light (WASH) goes out. • SPIN Depress RESET (ANUL.) twice, the pilot lights WASH and RINSES go out.
  • Page 14 • press the DELAY button until the display shows « ». 0 ’ • press the START/PAUSE button again. Important! The door will be locked throughout the delay time (DOOR LOCKED light lit). If you need to open the door, you must first set the washing machine to PAUSE by pressing the START/PAUSE button.
  • Page 15: Washing Hints

    Washing hints Sorting the laundry Washing a maximum load makes the most efficient use of water and energy. Follow the wash code symbols on each garment For heavily soiled laundry, reduce the load size. label and the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Sort the laundry as follows: whites, coloureds, synthetics, delicates, woollens.
  • Page 16: Detergents And Additives

    Lipstick: moisten with acetone as above, then treat Quantity of detergent to be used stains with methylated spirits. Remove any residual The type and quantity of detergent will depend on marks from white fabrics with bleach. the type of fabric, load size, degree of soiling and Red wine: soak in water and detergent, rinse and hardness of the water used.
  • Page 17: Drying Hints

    Drying hints As a dryer, the machine works on the condensation Duration of the drying cycle principle. The drying time can vary according to Therefore, the water tap must be open and the • the final spin speed; drain hose must drain water into a sink or into the drain pipe, even during the drying cycle.
  • Page 18: International Wash Code Symbols

    International wash code symbols These symbols appear on fabric labels, in order to help you choose the best way to treat your laundry. Energetic wash Max. wash Max. wash Max. wash Max. wash temperature temperature temperature temperature 95°C 60°C 40°C 30°C Hand wash Do not...
  • Page 19: Operating Sequence

    Operating sequence Wash only 4. Switch the machine on Before the first wash we recommend that you pour 2 litres of water into the main wash compartment To switch the machine on, press the ON/OFF button of the detergent drawer in order to activate the ECO : the mains-on light comes on.
  • Page 20: Select The Temperature

    If you select the RINSE HOLD option, the machine will stop at the end of the programme with the water still in the tub. ZKG 2100 ZKG 2120 10. Start the programme Press the START/PAUSE button. The relevant light will stop flashing, the DOOR LOCKED light will light up, and only the light relevant to the phase that is in progress will remain lit.
  • Page 21: End Of Programme

    11. How to change a programme After approximately 3 minutes, you can open the door. during its cycle Pay attention to the level and temperature of the Before you make any change, you must pause the water in the machine! machine by pressing the START/PAUSE button.
  • Page 22: Drying Only

    Drying only 7. Press the START/PAUSE button to start the programme. Warning! Do not exceed the maximum laundry 8. At the end of the cycle, press RESET (ANUL.) loads: button to clear the memory and press the - 2.5 kg for linen and cottons ON/OFF button again to switch the appliance off.
  • Page 23: Washing Programmes

    Programme chart Washing programmes Type of Consumption* laundry and Programme/ Description of Load Available options symbols on temperature programme Energy Water Time labels litres h/min. 5 kg Cottons Wash at CENTRIFUGADO 2.21 White cotton: Algodón 60°- 90°C AGUA EN LA CUBA e.g.
  • Page 24: Timed Drying

    Programme table Timed drying Degree of Drying time Type of fabric Max. load Spin speed drying mins 1000 2.5 kg Extra dry Cotton and linen 1200 Ideal for (bathrobes, bath towelling 1000 towels, etc.) materials 1.5 kg 1200 1000 2.5 kg Cotton and linen 1200 (towels, T-shirts,...
  • Page 25: Maintenance

    Maintenance 1. Door seal 4 Drain pump Check from time to time the door seal and eliminate The pump should be inspected regularly and eventual possible objects that could be trapped in particularly if the fold. • the machine does not empty and/or spin •...
  • Page 26: Water Inlet Filter

    • Put the cap back on the emergency emptying hose • replace the emergency emptying hose in its seat and place the latter back in its seat. after having plugged it; • screw the pump again and close the door. 7 Frost precautions If the machine is installed in a place where the temperature could drop below 0°C, proceed as...
  • Page 27: Something Not Working

    Something not working? Problems which you can resolve yourself. During machine operation it is possible that un acoustic signal sounds and one of the following alarm codes appears on the display: : problem with the water supply E E 1 1 0 0 : problem with water draining E E 2 2 0 0 : door open...
  • Page 28 Problem Possible cause • Spinning starts late or the laundry is • The electronic unbalance detection device has cut in because the laundry is not evenly distributed in not spun enough: the drum. The laundry is redistributed by reverse rotation of the drum. This may happen several times before the unbalance disappears and normal spinning can resume.
  • Page 29 From the Electrolux Group. The world’s No. 1 choice The Electrolux Group is the world's largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. More than 55 million Electrolux Group products (such as refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws and lawn mowers) are sold each year to a value of approx. USD 14 billion in more than 150 countries around the world.

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