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The machine makes an un-
usual noise:
No water is visible in the
The machine does not dry or
does not dry properly:
The laundry is full of differ-
ent colored fluff:
If you are unable to identify or solve the prob-
lem, contact our service centre. Before tele-
phoning, make a note of the model, serial num-
ber and purchase date of your machine: the
Service Centre will require this information.

Technical data

The machine is fitted with a type of motor which makes an unusual noise
compared with other traditional motors. This new motor ensures a softer
start and more even distribution of the laundry in the drum when spin-
ning, as well as increased stability of the machine.
Machines based on modern technology operate very economically using
very little water without affecting performance.
The drying time or the dryness degree has not been selected.
• Select the drying time or the dryness degree.
The water tap is not turned on.
• Open the water tap.
The drain filter is clogged.
• Clean the drain filter.
The machine is overloaded.
• Reduce the laundry load in the drum.
The selected drying programme, time or dryness degree was not suita-
ble for the laundry.
• Select the suitable drying programme, time or dryness degree for the
The fabrics washed in the previous cycle released fluff of a different col-
or (refer to "Fluff in the garments" in chapter "Use - Washing & Drying").
• The drying phase helps to eliminate some fluff.
• Clean the clothes with a fluff remover.
In case of an excessive amount of fluff in the drum repeat the following
procedure twice:
• Thoroughly clean the empty drum, the gasket and the door with a wet
• Perform a rinse cycle.
• Put a wool or piled fabric rag inside the drum.
• Perform a drying cycle of 10 minutes.
• Remove the old wool cloth.
Now you can wash other garments.
Possible cause/Solution
60 cm
85 cm
63 cm
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Table of Contents

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