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GE EX2100 User Manual Page 111

Excitation control.
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A Windows NT -based software package used to configure the EX2100 and Mark VI
turbine controller.
under-excitation limit (UEL)
UEL software functions to prevent generator over-heating caused by under
unit data highway (UDH)
Connects the EX2100, Mark VI turbine controllers, LCI, PLCs, and other GE
provided equipment to the HMI Servers; runs at 10/100 Mbaud and supports Peer-to-
Peer communications.
V/Hz is the ratio of generator voltage to the frequency; this is limited to prevent
overfluxing the generator.
VME board
Versa Module Eurocard, a European standard for printed circuit boards and
warm backup
Two bridges are connected to the field but only one is actively producing power. The
other bridge does not receive gating pulses until it is required to take over from the
active bridge.
Windows NT
Advanced 32-bit PC operating system from Microsoft.
EX2100 User's Guide GEH-6632
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