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GE EX2100 User Manual Page 109

Excitation control.
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product code (runtime)
Software stored in the controller's Flash memory that converts application code
(pcode) to executable code.
Peak Reverse Voltage is limited with pole slip resistors, wired across the SCRs.
Potential Transformer, used for measuring voltage in a power cable.
Immediate response, referring to control systems that must respond instantly to
changing conditions.
To restart the controller or toolbox.
A system consisting of duplicated components (boards or modules), which can
transfer functionality from a failed component to one of the duplicate components
without loss of the entire system's functionality.
relay ladder diagram (RLD)
A ladder diagram represents a relay circuit. Power is considered to flow from the left
rail through contacts to the coil connected at the right.
Radio Frequency Interference; this is high frequency electromagnetic energy which
can affect the control system.
Resistance Temperature Device, used for measuring temperature.
See product code.
runtime errors
Controller problems indicated on the front panel by coded flashing LEDS, and also
in the Log View of the toolbox.
EX2100 User's Guide GEH-6632
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