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Edcf Board; Eacf Board - GE EX2100 User Manual

Excitation control.
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EDCF handles bridge dc
voltage and current feedback.
EACF handles bridge ac
voltage and current feedback.
3-6 Chapter 3 Printed Wiring Boards Overview

EDCF Board

The EDCF board measures field current and field voltage at the SCR bridge, and
interfaces to the EISB board in the control panel over a high-speed fiber-optic link.
The fiber-optics provides voltage isolation between the two boards, and high noise
immunity. Field current is measured using a shunt in the dc field circuit. The field
voltage feedback circuit provides seven selector settings to scale down the bridge
voltage, depending on the type of bridge application. For more information refer to
Chapter 4 and GEI-100464.

EACF Board

The EACF board measures the exciter PPT ac supply voltage and current. The
EACF terminal board contains transformers for a 3-phase voltage measurement, and
terminals for two Flux/Air core coils. The outputs of the voltage and current circuits
are fanned out to three DB9 connectors for cables to controllers M1, M2, and C.
These cables can be up to 90 m in length. There are two versions of this board,
EACFG1 is for inputs up to 480 V rms, and EACFG2 is for inputs up to 1000 V rms.
For more information refer to Chapter 4 and GEI-100465.
GEH-6632 EX2100 User's Guide


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