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GE EX2100 User Manual Page 105

Excitation control.
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DCS (Distributed Control System)
Control system, usually applied to control of boilers and other process equipment.
The de-excitation circuit provides a conduction path through a discharge resistor to
dissipate the field current after a unit trip.
A configurable component of a control system.
Dynamic Random Access Memory, used in microprocessor-based equipment.
Ethernet Global Data, a control network and protocol for the controller. Devices
share data through EGD exchanges (pages).
Electro-magnetic interference; this can affect an electronic control system.
EPBP Backplane
Exciter Power Backplane holds power supply modules, ground detect modules, and
connectors for power distribution.
Exciter Power Distribution Module distributes 125 V dc to the power supplies.
LAN with a 10/100 M baud collision avoidance/collision detection system used to
link one or more computers together. Basis for TCP/IP and I/O services layers that
conform to the IEEE 802.3 standard.
EX2100 Exciter
GE static exciter; regulates the generator field current to control the generator output
fanned input
A termination board input that is connected to all three redundant controllers.
EX2100 User's Guide GEH-6632
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