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Acme LPB-4P User Manual Page 5

Thin & light pack.
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4.6 DMX 512 Connection
If you using a controller with 5 pins DMX output, you need to use a 5 to 3 pin
At last package, the DMX cable has to be terminated with a terminator. Solder a
120 ohm 1/4W resistor between pin 2(DMX-) and pin 3(DMX+) into a 3-pin
XLR-plug and plug it in the DMX-output of the last package.
Connect the package together in a `daisy chain` by XLR plug from the output of
the package to the input of the next package. The cable can not be branched or
split to a `Y` cable. DMX 512 is a very high-speed signal. Inadequate or
damaged cables, soldered joints or corroded connectors can easily distort the
signal and shut down the system.
The DMX output and input connectors are pass-through to maintain the DMX
circuit, when one of the packages' power is disconnected.
Each lighting package needs to have an address set to receive the data sent by
the controller. The address number is between 0-511 (usually 0 & 1 are equal to
The end of the DMX 512 system should be terminated to reduce signal errors.
3 pin XLR connectors are more popular than 5 pin XLR.
3 pin XLR: Pin 1: GND, Pin 2: Negative signal (-), Pin 3: Positive signal (+)
5 pin XLR: Pin 1: GND, Pin 2: Negative signal (-), Pin 3: Positive signal (+),
Pin 4/5: Not used
technical assistance center. Always use the same type spare parts.
♦ Don't connect the device to any dimmer pack or power pack.
♦ Do not touch any wire during operation as high voltage might be causing electric
♦ To prevent or reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire, do not expose the package
to rain or moisture.
♦ Do not start on the package when housing are damaged.
♦ The housing must be replaced if they are visibly damaged.
There are no user serviceable parts inside the package. Do not open the housing or
attempt to repair by yourself. In the unlikely event your package may require service
please contact your nearest dealer.
The package is designed to be mounted on a light stand (sold separately). Always
ensure that the package is firmly fixed to avoid vibration and slipping while operating.
Always ensure that the structure to which you are attaching the package is secure
and is able to support the weight of 10 times of the package's weight.
( Stand option)


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