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Grizzly G0746 Owner's Manual: Section 7: Service; Troubleshooting; Motor & Electrical

Gear-head lathe.
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SEcTiON 7: SERvicE

Review the troubleshooting and procedures in this section if a problem develops with your machine. If you
need replacement parts or additional help with a procedure, call our Technical Support at (570) 546-9663.
Note: Please gather the serial number and manufacture date of your machine before calling.
Motor & Electrical
possible cause
Machine does not
1. EMErgENCy stop button depressed/at
start or a circuit
breaker trips.
2. Main power switch oFF or at faul.
3. incorrect power supply voltage or circuit
4. power supply circuit breaker tripped or fuse
5. Motor wires connected incorrectly.
6. thermal overload relay has tripped.
7. Contactor not energized/has poor contacts.
8. Wiring is open/has high resistance.
9. Motor is at fault.
Motor stalls or is
1. gearbox at fault.
2. Belt(s) slipping.
3. Motor wired incorrectly.
4. Motor bearings at fault.
5. Motor overheated.
6. Contactor not energized/has poor contacts.
7. Motor overheated. Contactor not energized/
has poor contacts.
8. Motor at fault.
loud, repetitious
1. pulley set screws or keys are missing or
noise coming from
lathe at or near the
2. Motor fan is hitting the cover.
Motor overheats.
1. Motor overloaded.
Motor is loud when
1. Excessive depth of cut or feed rate.
cutting, or bogs
2. spindle speed or feed rate wrong for
down under load.
cutting operation.
3. Cutting tool is dull.
Model G0746/G0749 (Mfg. Since 3/13)


possible Solution
1. rotate button head to reset. replace if at fault.
2. turn main power switch oN or replace if at fault.
3. Ensure correct power supply voltage and circuit
4. Ensure circuit is sized correctly and free of shorts.
reset circuit breaker or replace fuse.
5. Correct motor wiring connections. (page 87).
6. reset; adjust trip load dial if necessary; replace.
7. test all legs for power/replace if at fault.
8. Check/fix broken, disconnected, or corroded wires.
9. test/repair/replace.
1. select appropriate gear ratio; replace broken or
slipping gears.
2. tension/replace belt(s); ensure pulleys are aligned.
3. Wire motor correctly.
4. test/repair/replace.
5. Clean motor, let cool, and reduce workload.
6. test all legs for power/replace if at fault.
7. Clean motor, let cool, and reduce workload. test all
legs for power/replace if at fault.
8. test/repair/replace.
1. inspect keys and set screws. replace or tighten if
2. tighten fan, shim cover, or replace items.
1. allow motor to cool; reduce load on motor.
1. decrease depth of cut or feed rate.
2. refer to the feeds and speed charts in Machinery's
Handbook or a speeds and feeds calculator on the
3. sharpen or replace the cutting tool.


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