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   Summary of Contents for Kenmore 46513333600

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    Appendix la ion ns ru ions ;i;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii; !iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;...

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    Leave Installation instructions and Use & Care Guidewith Owner ALLELECTRICAL W IRING,GROUNDING AND PLUMBING SHOULDBE DONEiN ACCORDANCE W ITH NATIONAL AND LOCAL CODESBY QUALiFiED INDIVIDUALS, Tip Over Hazard Do not use dislrwasher drawer until inside cabinet opening, Doing so can result in serious injury or cuts. This diShwasher is designed for oper_ ation on an individual 120 VAC,60 Hz Topreventaccidental contactwith electrical connections,...

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    :+++++;+:+;:+ ,++++++n v s°o Loe+ +°o °°'°+° 8 Bracket Mounting Screws 4 Unit Mounting Screws 4 VlSde mofltage pour i'appare]l Soporte pasacables de 3/4" 11.90cm) con cert/rtcacion UL 314" ULListed Strain Relief Reduc[eui de tel)SlOBde 2 cm 3/4 DOthomo]ogue UL 4 SUBBOrts 4 Brackets OrstnConnector...

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    Prefered UUlity Areal Areade la cocina preferida/ Emplacement recommande H = Opening Height/H = Altura de apertura/H = Hauteur d'ouverture Depending on bit size available, drill one or two openingsas shown. If the hole(s) are not locatedas shown,the utilities may preventthe dishwasher from being pushedaHthe way in as needed./SegE/n e l tamafio de brocadisponible,taladre one o dos agujeros,come se muestra.

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    Place unit in upright position.Attachwater line to nnit./Co/oque/a Fer right hand routing, drain hoses are shipped in correct position. Place posici6n vertical. Conectela tuberfa de suministro de agua a la water line in clips as shown./En el case de una conexi6n orientada a mane unidad./Remettez I'appareildehout.

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    Air G ap I[_.-'"- _Air Venti/ac/oo__ Ventilacio# Coupure a nti-retour j _.-.=,.tCeupure anti-reteur grainHeseCennectnr Drain Hose Connector Cenector delamanguera I J _ Conector d elamangeera z_..-=-_'_- dedesagfie Waste --_"'_------J Residues debasura Waste Residues Attach the drain hoseconnector to the air gap using the supplied hoseclamp. Attach the drain hoseconnectorto the air gap using the supplied hoseclamp.

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    Joiu wires together using ULlisted couuscters. M ustattach grouudwire to green ReiustaUelectrical box covor./Vuelva a instalar la cubierta de la caja de circuitos ground sersw./Unaloscables utilizandoconectorescon certificaci6n UL.Es necesario el6ctricos./Remsttez Is couvercle de la bo_ts_lectrique en place. conectarel cable depuesta a tierra al tomillo verdede puesta a tierra,/Attachez ensembleleeills 61ectriques _ I'aidede serre-fils homologu6sUL,Vousdevezfixer le fil de miss _ laterre _ la vie vertede raise_ laterre.

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    Push both d rawer Lift drawer out./Levante el compartimiento hacia afuera.ISoulevez le tiroir pour rails back slightly./Empuje ligeramente hacia atr&s ambos le sortir. rieles del compartimiento./Ponssez I_g_rementvers I'ard_re les deux glissi_res du tiroir. Resttrim onfloor, mark trim at frame height, score on protectivesurface and Place drawer off to left side on protectivecovering.Slide mils in./Coloqueel snap off excess trim./Coloque la moldura de zScalo en el suelo, haga una marca compartimiento aun lado, a la izquierda del aparato, sobre el material protector.

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    Attachtoe kick bracket on opposite eud./Instale el soporte de/z6calo del lado Place trim strips on both sides as shown./Coloque/astiras de moldura a opuesto./Fixez I'autre support de la garniture de protection an c6te oppos& ambos lados, como se muestra./Placez les bandes de garniture sur les deux c6t_s, tel qn'illustr&...

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    REPEATSTEPS19=22 TO REMOVETOP DRAWER, PARAEXTRAER EL COMPARTIMIENTO SUPERIOR, REPITALOSPASOS19-22. REFAITES LES €TAPES19 A 22 POURRETIRER LETIROIRDU HAUT Set top drawer on top of bottomdrawer separating with cornerpackingmaterial. Pushrailsin./Coloque el compartimientosuperior encima del compartimientoinferi- or, separ#ndolos mediante el material protector de empaque.Empujehacia adentro los rieles./Mettezle tiroir da hautsur le tiroir du bas en pin,ant entrelee deux le materiel d'emballageservant _ prot_gerles coins.

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    For solidsurface mounting option,attach to cabinet brackets with screws Pull top drawer rails out. Set top drawer on rails./Lleve hacia afuera los rieles provided./Enel case de la opci6n de instalaci6n en mostradores con una superfi- del compartimiento superior. Coloque el compartimiento superior sobre los cie s61ida,instale los soportes para el gabinete con los tomillos rieles.iSortez los glissi_res du tirnir du haut.

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    Complete./Haterminado la instalaciSn,/Installation terminbe, Start dishwasher by selecting "Rinse Only" cycle. Allow dishwasher to fiB, wash and drain. Then push "Cancel Drain" button. Check for leaks, if leaks are found, secure con- nections and repeat this step./Ponga en marcha el lavavajillas seleccionando el ciclo de sdlo enjuague ("Rinse Only").

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