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Cookware Material Types; Before Setting Surface Controls; Home Canning - Frigidaire Electric Range Use & Care Manual

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Cookware material types

The cookware material determines how evenly and quickly
heat is transferred from the surface element to the pan
bottom. The most popular materials available are:
Aluminum - Excellent heat conductor. Some types of food
will cause it to darken (Anodized aluminum cookware
resists staining & pitting).
Copper - Excellent heat conductor but discolors easily (See
Stainless - Slow heat conductor with uneven cooking
results. Is durable, easy to clean and resists staining.
Cast Iron - A slow heat conductor however will retain heat
very well. Cooks evenly once cooking temperature is
Porcelain-enamel on metal - Heating characteristics will
vary depending on base material.
Glass - Slow heat conductor.
Element on indicator lights
Your range is equipped with one or more element on
indicator lights located on the control panel just above the
surface control knobs (See Fig. 1). The element on
indicator light will glow when a surface element is turned
ON. A quick glance at this indicator light after cooking is an
easy check to be sure ALL surface controls are turned OFF.
element on indicator light
Fig. 1


Home Canning

Be sure to read and observe all the following points when
home canning with your appliance. Check with the USDA
(United States Department of Agriculture) website and be
sure to read all the information they have available as well
as follow their recommendations for home canning
• Use only quality flat bottom canners when home canning.
Use a straight-edge to check canner bottom (see
"Cookware material types" in the Before setting
surface controls section).
• Use only a completely flat bottom canner with no
ridges that radiate from the bottom center when home
canning using a ceramic cooktop.
• Make sure the diameter of the canner does not
exceed 1 inch beyond the surface element
markings or burner. It is recommended to use smaller
diameter canners on electric coil and ceramic glass
• Start with hot tap water to bring water to boil more
• Use the highest heat seating when first bringing the water
to a boil. Once boiling is achieved, reduce heat to lowest
possible setting to maintain that boil.
NEVER place or straddle a cooking utensil over 2 different
surface cooking elements at the same time. This can
cause uneven heating results. This can also cause the
ceramic cooktop to fracture (for Ceramic cooktop models

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