Frigidaire Gas Range Use & Care Manual

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All about the
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Important Safety Instructions ......................... 3-6
Before Setting Oven Controls .......................... 7-9
Before Setting Surface Controls ................... 10-11
Setting Surface Controls .................................. 12 USA 1-800-944-9044
Gas Range
T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S Canada 1-800-265-8352
Setting Oven Controls ................................. 14-28
Self-Cleaning ............................................. 29-31
Care & Cleaning ......................................... 32-35
Before You Call .......................................... 36-39
Major Appliance Warranty .................... back cover


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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    All about the & Care Gas Range of your T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S Important Safety Instructions ......3-6 Setting Oven Controls ......... 14-28 Before Setting Oven Controls ......7-9 Self-Cleaning ..........
  • Page 2: Product Registration

    Need help?? Using the griddle (some models) ......11 Setting Surface Controls ........12 Visit the Frigidaire web site at Setting a surface burner .......... 12 Before you call for service, there are a few things you can Home canning ............12 do to help us serve your better.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. Do not attempt to install or operate your appliance until WARNING you have read the safety precautions in this manual. Safety items throughout this manual are labeled with a If the information in this manual is not followed WARNING or CAUTION statement based on the risk type.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING CAUTION • Wear proper apparel—loose-fitting or • Stepping, leaning or sitting on the door or hanging garments should never be worn while drawers of a range can result in serious injuries using the appliance. Do not let clothing or other and also cause damage to the appliance.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING YOUR OVEN YOUR COOKTOP • Use care when opening oven door , warmer WARNING drawer or lower oven door—Stand to the side of the range when opening the door of a hot oven. Let hot air Use Proper Flame Size—Adjust flame size so it does or steam escape before you remove or replace food in not extend beyond the edge of the utensil.
  • Page 6: Important Safety Instructions

    If your gas range model design allows for L.P. conversion, the L.P. conversion kit may be obtained from your local appliance dealer and should be installed by a qualified service technician.
  • Page 7: Before Setting Oven Controls

    BEFORE SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Oven vent location Oven rack stop The oven vent is located below the control panel (Fig. 1). Most oven racks slide on rack guides provided along the When the oven is heating, warm air passes through this oven cavity sides.
  • Page 8: Air Circulation In The Oven

    BEFORE SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Types of oven racks flat Your range may be equipped with one or more of the oven following oven rack types listed below: rack The flat oven rack may be used for most cooking needs and may be placed in most rack positions. The flat handle oven rack (some models) may be used for most cooking needs and may be placed in most rack positions.
  • Page 9: Oven Racks

    BEFORE SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Effortless™ Oven Rack system (some models) IMPORTANT Some models are equipped with a special oven rack system that automatically partially extends the oven rack • Only the Effortless™ Oven Rack system should from the interior oven glides to assist in easier access to be used in oven rack position 2.
  • Page 10: Before Setting Surface Controls

    BEFORE SETTING SURFACE CONTROLS Before operating the cooktop, check for Using the griddle (some models) proper burner cap placement Before first use: Visually check for proper burner cap placement before • Wash griddle in hot soapy water. operating any of the surface burners (See Fig.1). •...
  • Page 11: Cookware Material Types

    BEFORE SETTING SURFACE CONTROLS Cookware material types Set proper burner flame size The most popular materials available are: The color of the flame is the key to proper burner adjustment. A good flame is clear, blue and hardly visible in a well-lighted Aluminum - Excellent heat conductor.
  • Page 12: Setting Surface Controls

    SETTING SURFACE CONTROLS Setting surface controls The ability to heat food quicker and in larger volumes increases as the burner size increases. Your gas appliance may be equipped with many different sized surface burners. It is important to select cookware that is suitable for the amount and type of food being prepared.
  • Page 13: Oven Control Functions (540 Probe)

    OVEN CONTROL FUNCTIONS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE OVEN. For satisfactory use of your oven, become familiar with the various keypad functions as described below. • bake —Use to broil — Use convect — Use convect convert — 0 thru 9 timer on set the bake...
  • Page 14: Setting Oven Controls

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Setting the clock When the appliance is powered up for the first time or when the electric supply to the appliance has been interrupted, the display will flash "12:00" (Fig. 1). Fig. 2 Fig. 3 NOTE Fig. 1 Changing between the 6-Hour Energy Saving or To set the clock for 1:30: continuous bake mode will not change how the cooktop...
  • Page 15: Changing Oven Temperature Display Mode

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Changing oven temperature display mode The oven control is preset to display the oven temperature with Fahrenheit (°F) values. The control may be changed to display either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperatures. To change the temperature display mode: Fig.
  • Page 16: Setting The Timer

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Timer Quick preheat The timer helps keep track of cooking times without Use this feature to quickly preheat the oven. For best interferring with the cooking process. The timer may be results use when baking with a single rack only. A set for 1 minute up to 11 hours and 59 minutes.
  • Page 17: Bake

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Bake Bake time Use the bake feature to prepare most food items when A bake time setting may be added to most oven baking the recipe calls for normal baking. A reminder tone will features. Use the bake time setting to start the oven sound once the oven finishes preheating.
  • Page 18: Delay Start

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Delay start Use this keypad to add delay start time instructions for When the set bake time runs out: most timed cooking features or with the self-clean feature. 1. "End" will appear in the display window and the oven will shut-off automatically (See Fig.
  • Page 19: Convect Bake

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Convect Benefits of the convection features — Foods cook more evenly — Multiple rack baking — No special pans or bakeware needed The convect feature uses a fan to circulate the oven's heat uniformly around the oven. This improved heat distribution allows for fast, even cooking and browning results.
  • Page 20: Convect Convert

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Convect convert Probe Be sure to use the probe feature for best results when The convect convert feature allows you to convert any baking recipe for the convect feature. The control uses the cooking foods such as roasts, hams or poultry. This normal recipe settings and adjusts to a lower temperature feature also works well with other foods such as meat loaf for convection baking.
  • Page 21 SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Probe (cont’d) receptacle probe connector Proper probe placement in food: handle • Always insert the probe so that the probe tip rests inside at the center of the thickest part of meat or food (See Fig. 1). For best results, do not allow the probe temperature sensor to contact bone, fat, gristle or the cookware.
  • Page 22 SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Probe (cont’d) Choosing a setting for how the oven will operate once the probe reaches the target temperature USDA recommended minimum internal cooking Your oven is factory preset to automatically stop cooking temperatures: and start the keep warm feature once the probe sensor Food type Internal temp.
  • Page 23: Probe

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Probe (cont’d) NOTES • During the cooking process the internal food temperature will display by default. To review the Fig. 1 Probe error message: target temperature press the keypad once. If the error message "Prob ERR" displays (Fig. 1), check After 6 seconds the display will revert back to the to be sure that the probe connector is fully inserted into internal food temperature.
  • Page 24: Broil

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Broil Use the broil feature to cook meats that require direct exposure to flame heat for optimum browing results. Insert When broiling, always remember to arrange the oven racks while the oven is still cool. To set broil: Step Press 1.
  • Page 25: Setting Pizza Feature

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Setting pizza feature To set oven for keep warm: For your convenience the pizza feature provides 2 different settings. You may use the pizza feature whether Step Press starting with fresh or frozen pizza. 1. Press keep warm. To set the pizza feature: 2.
  • Page 26: Adjusting Oven Temperature

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS Adjusting the oven temperature Restoring to factory default settings When new, your appliance was set with preset oven Your appliance has been factory calibrated and tested to control settings. Over time, the user may make changes ensure an accurate baking temperature. For the first few to these default settings.
  • Page 27: Setting The Sabbath Mode Feature

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS To Set the Sabbath Feature (for use on the Jewish Sabbath & Holidays) To program the oven for 350°F bake and activate For further assistance, guidelines for proper the Sabbath feature: usage and a complete list of models with the Step Press Sabbath feature, please vist the web at...
  • Page 28: Setting Oven Controls

    SETTING OVEN CONTROLS To Set the Sabbath Feature (cont’d) To turn off the oven but keep the Sabbath feature NOTES active: • If a delay start time longer than 12 hours Press cancel. (maximum of 24 hours) is desired, set the display mode for the 24 hour setting.
  • Page 29: Self-Cleaning

    SELF-CLEANING Preparing for self-clean Read before starting self-clean A self-cleaning oven cleans itself using high temperatures IMPORTANT that are well above normal cooking temperatures. The self-clean feature, if used properly, will eliminate soils • Remove all items from the oven and cooktop, from the oven completely or reduce them to a fine including food, cookware, utensils, plastic and powdered ash.
  • Page 30 SELF-CLEANING Read before starting self-clean (cont’d) IMPORTANT CAUTION To avoid possible burns use caution when opening the • It is normal for odors to occur during self-clean, oven door when the self-clean cycle is finished. The especially during the first self-clean cycle. It is oven may still be VERY HOT Stand to the side of recommend to ventilate the kitchen.
  • Page 31: Self-Cleaning

    SELF-CLEANING Setting a delay start self-clean cycle If it becomes necessary to cancel self-clean: Example: To program a self-cleaning cycle with a 1. Press keypad. delay start time of 9:00 o’clock: 2. If the self-clean cycle has heated the oven to a high Step Press temperature, the "Hot"...
  • Page 32: Care & Cleaning

    CARE & CLEANING Cleaning recommendation table Surface type Recommendation For general cleaning, use hot, soapy water and a cloth. For more difficult • Control knobs (some models) soils and built-up grease, apply a liquid detergent directly onto the soil. • Painted body parts Leave on soil for 30-60 minutes.
  • Page 33: Cleaning The Cooktop And Surface Burners

    CARE & CLEANING Cleaning the cooktop and surface burners Checking for proper burner cap placement (cont’d) CAUTION On round style burners, the burner cap lip should fit snug into the center of burner head and rest level (Fig. 1). To avoid possible burns DO NOT attempt the cleaning Burner cap instructions provided below before turning OFF the surface burners and provide sufficient time for the...
  • Page 34: Cleaning The Cooktop And Surface Burners

    CARE & CLEANING Cleaning the cooktop and surface burners Aluminum foil and oven liners (cont’d) Do not use oven bottom liners or use aluminum foil to CAUTION cover the oven bottom or any oven racks. To avoid possible burns DO NOT attempt any of the Using a liner in the cleaning instructions provided below before turning OFF oven restricts the heat...
  • Page 35: Removing & Replacing Oven Door

    CARE & CLEANING Removing and replacing the lift-off oven door Oven door hinge CAUTION locations with oven door To avoid possible injury when removing or replacing fully open. the oven door, follow the instructions below carefully and always handle the oven door with both hands positioned away from the door hinge areas.
  • Page 36: Before You Call

    BEFORE YOU CALL • Solutions to common problems Problem Possible Causes Solutions Display flashes time. Power interruption. Press cancel then set the correct time of day. Oven control The oven control has Press cancel to clear the display & stop beeping. Try bake or displays detected a fault or error broil feature again.
  • Page 37 BEFORE YOU CALL Solutions to common problems • Problem Possible Causes Solutions Oven portion of Gas regulator shut-off valve Be sure gas regulator valve is set to the ON position. See appliance does not may have been moved to OFF installation instructions.
  • Page 38 BEFORE YOU CALL • Solutions to common problems Problem Possible Causes Solutions bake or self-clean The time of day is incorrect. Set clock with correct time of day before adding a delay start did not start at the setting. See "Setting the clock" in Setting Oven Controls time expected.
  • Page 39: Before You Call

    BEFORE YOU CALL Solutions to common problems • Problem Possible Causes Solutions Oven smokes Oven door was left open. Be sure oven door is closed when broiling. excessively when Meat too close to upper Reposition oven rack lower to provide proper clearance between broiling.
  • Page 40: Major Appliance Warranty

    MAJOR APPLIANCE WARRANTY Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of This page is left blank intentionally purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions.

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