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Self-Cleaning - Frigidaire Electric Range Use & Care Manual

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Setting a self-clean cycle or a delayed
start self-clean cycle
To start a self-clean cycle immediately without a delay,
skip steps 2 & 3 in the instructions provided below.
Setting a self-clean cycle
1. Be sure the clock displays the correct time of day.
2. Press start time. The " : " in the time of day will flash.
3. Press and hold the
the delayed Self-Clean cycle. Release the pad when the
desired time is displayed.
4. Press clean. "---" appears in the display.
5. Press the
pad once. "3:00" will appear in
the display indicating that a 3 hour self-clean time is
set. To change to a 2 hour self-clean time press
once (2:00 appears in the display).
(Some models) For a 4 hour self-clean time press
until (4:00 appears in display).
6. "CLn" will appear in the display during the self-clean
cycle and the "LOCK" light will glow until the self-
cleaning cycle is complete or cancelled and the oven
temperature has cooled.
As soon as the controls are set, the motor driven lock
will begin to close automatically and the "LOCK" indicator
light will flash. DO NOT open the oven door while the
light is flashing (allow about 15 seconds for the oven
door to lock).
pad to scroll to the time to start
When the self-clean cycle has completed:
1. The time of day will appear in the display window and
the "Clean" and "LOCK" light will continue to glow.
2. Once the oven has cooled down for about 1 HOUR and
the "LOCK" light has gone out, the oven door can be
Stopping or interrupting a self-clean cycle
If it becomes necessary to stop or interrupt a self-
cleaning cycle once it has been activated:
1. Press clear off.
2. Once the oven has cooled down for about 1 HOUR and
the "LOCK" light has turned off, the oven door can be
3. Restart the self-clean cycle once all conditions have
been corrected.
To avoid possible burns use care when opening the oven
door after the self-cleaning cycle. Stand to the side of
the oven when opening the door to allow hot air or
steam to escape.
DO NOT force the oven door open. This can damage the
automatic door locking system. Use caution and avoid
possible burns when opening the door after the self-
cleaning cycle has completed. The oven may still be
Whenever the self-clean feature is active you may check
the amount of time remaining in the self-clean cycle by
pressing the clean pad. Remember the range door
cannot be opened until the range has cooled sufficiently.
You will need to add about 1 hour to the time
displayed before you can use the range for cooking.
When the oven is cool, wipe away any residue or
powdered ash with a damp cloth or paper towel.

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