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Setting Oven Controls - Frigidaire Electric Range with Induction Cooktop Use & Care Manual


Table of Contents
To Set the Sabbath Feature (cont'd)
To turn off the oven but keep the Sabbath feature
Press cancel.
To turn off the Sabbath feature:
Press and hold both the
bake time and delay start pads
for at least 3 seconds. The control
will beep and SAb will disappear
from the display. The oven is no
longer programmed for the
Sabbath feature.
What to do during a power failure or power
interruption after the Sabbath feature was
Should you experience a power failure or interruption, the
oven will shut-off. When power is restored the oven will not
turn back on automatically. The oven will remember that it
is set for the Sabbath and the oven display will show the
message "SF" for Sabbath failure (Fig. 1).
The food may be safely removed from the oven while still in
the Sabbath feature, however the oven cannot be turned
back on until after the Sabbath/Holidays.
After the Sabbath observance turn OFF the Sabbath
feature. At the same time press and hold both the
pads for at least 3 seconds.
SF will disappear from the display and the oven may be
used with all normal functions.
Fig. 1


If a delay start time longer than 12 hours (maximum of
24 hours) in advance is desired, set the display mode for
the 24 hour setting. For detailed instructions see the
section "Setting 12 or 24 hour display modes".
It is not advised to attempt to activate any other program
feature except BAKE while the Sabbath feature is active.
ONLY the following key pads will function correctly with
the Sabbath feature: 0-9 number pads, bake, start &
cancel. ALL OTHER KEYPADS should not be used once
the Sabbath feature is activated.
You may change the oven temperature once baking has
started. Press bake , enter the oven temperature
change (170 to 500F°) and press start (for Jewish
Holidays only). Remember that the oven control will
no longer beep or display any further changes
once the oven is set for the Sabbath feature.
If the keep warm feature was activated and the
Sabbath feature was set, the keep warm feature will
automatically shut-off the oven after 3 hours.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents