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Cookware Recommendations - Frigidaire Electric Range with Induction Cooktop Use & Care Manual


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Induction cookware
When purchasing pans for use on the induction cooktop,
look for cookware specifically identified by the manufacturer
as induction ready, induction capable, or a similar
statement by the manufacturer that the cookware is
specifically designed for induction cooking.
Not all stainless steel cookware is readily magnetizable;
being made of stainless steel does not assure that the
cookware is suitable for induction cooking.
To check if the cookware base material is suitable, use a
magnet to test (See Fig. 1). If a magnet sticks to the
bottom of the cookware, the material type is correct.
Induction cookware types
The most common induction cookware types available are:
Stainless steel - Generally, excellent for induction
cooking. Is durable, easy to clean and resists staining
Cast iron - Good for induction cooking. Cooks evenly. Do
not slide cast iron cookware on cooktop. Cast iron cookware
with a rough surface will scratch ceramic cooktop.
Porcelain-enamel on ferrous metal - Heating
characteristics will vary depending on quality of base
material. Porcelain-enamel coating must be smooth to avoid
scratching ceramic cooktop.
Fig. 1


• Be sure to follow all the manufacturer's
recommendations when using cookware made for
induction cooking.
• Before using the induction cooking zones, be sure to
carefully read and follow these cookware
recommendations and the section about pan sensing.
When using the cooking zones:
• Be sure to use cooktop cookware made with a magnetic
base material.
• Use quality cooktop cookware with heavier bottoms for
better heat distribution allowing for more even cooking
• Check that cookware bottom rests completely and level
on cooktop surface. Cookware should have flat bottoms
that make good contact with the entire induction cooking
zone area. Check for flatness by rotating a ruler across
the bottom of the cookware (See Fig. 2).
• Be sure cookware is properly balanced and does not tilt
from a heavy handle.
• Be sure that the pan size matches the amount of food to
be prepared. The size and type of cookware used will
influence the setting needed for best cooking results.
• Never let cookware boil dry. This may cause permanent
damage in the form of breakage, fusion, or marring that
can affect the cooktop.
• Use cookware that meets the minimum and maximum
cookware size requirements for each cooking zone.
Fig. 2

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents