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Adjusting The Oven Temperature; Restoring Factory Default Settings; Operating The Oven Light - Frigidaire Electric Range with Induction Cooktop Use & Care Manual


Table of Contents

Adjusting the oven temperature

Your appliance has been factory calibrated and tested to
ensure an accurate baking temperature. For the first few
uses, follow your recipe times and temperature
recommendations carefully. If you think the oven is cooking
too hot or too cool for your recipe times, you can adjust the
control so the oven cooks hotter or cooler than the
temperature displayed.
The oven temperature may be increased +35°F (+19°C) or
decreased -35°F (-19°C) from the factory settings.
Example: increase the oven temperature by 30°F:
1. Press and hold bake
for 6 seconds.
2. Enter 30.
3. Press start.
Example: decrease the oven temperature by 30°F:
1. Press and hold bake
for 6 seconds.
2. Enter 30.
3. Press self-clean.
4. Press start.
Oven temperature adjustments made will not affect the
broil or self-cleaning feature temperatures.
If the temperature shows an adjustment of -30°F, and a
+30°F adjustment is needed, you can toggle between the
(-) or (+) in the display by pressing self clean.
DO NOT USE oven thermometers such as those found in
grocery stores to check the temperature settings inside your
oven. These oven thermometers may vary as much as 20 to
40 degrees from actual temperatures.

Restoring factory default settings

When new, your appliance left the factory with
predetermined oven control default settings. Over time, the
user may make changes to these settings. The following
options have user preferences that could be modified and
may have been changed since the appliance was new:
• 12 or 24 hour display mode
• Continuous bake or 6-Hour Energy Savings mode
• Silent control panel
• Oven temperature display (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
• Adjusting the oven temperature
• My favorite
Please remember that if you choose to restore, ALL of the
above preferences will be restored to factory default
settings, the oven temperature offset will reset and any
stored information will be cleared.
To restore all user settings to factory default:
1. Press and hold 7 key pad
until first beep sounds
(about 6 seconds).
2. Press start.

Operating the oven light

The interior oven light will automatically turn ON when the
oven door is opened.
whenever the oven door is closed.
The interior oven light is located at the upper left rear wall
of the oven interior and is covered with a glass shield. The
glass shield must be in place whenever the oven is in use.
The shield will protect the halogen bulb from food splatters.
To change the interior oven light, see "Changing the oven
light" in the Care & Cleaning section.
to turn the interior oven light ON and OFF

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents