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Cooktop Operational Noises - Frigidaire Electric Range with Induction Cooktop Use & Care Manual


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Use quality cooktop cookware made with
magnetic base material
The cooking zones will not activate if the cookware is not
constructed with a base magnetic material.
For the best possible surface cooking results, it is
recommended to only use high quality heavy gauge
cookware on the induction cooking zones.
Be sure to follow all the manufacturer's recommendations
when using cookware made for induction cooking.
For more detailed information about the types of induction
cooktop cookware to purchase and how to properly use
induction cookware see the Cookware
Recommendations section.
Moving cookware on smoothtop
It is recommended to always use heavier gauge high quality
cookware on the cooking zones. This will greatly reduce the
possibility of developing scratches on the ceramic surface.
Even high quality cookware can still scratch the cooktop
surface, especially if cookware is slid over the ceramic
cooktop without being lifted up.
• Always lift cookware before moving on the ceramic
glass smoothtop.
• Any cookware that has rough or dirty bottoms can
mark and scratch the ceramic glass surface. Always
start with clean cookware.
Over time sliding ANY type of cookware over the surface
will likely alter the overall appearance of the cooktop.
Eventually the buildup of scratches will make cleaning the
ceramic surface difficult and degrade the overall appearance
of the cooktop.
For more detailed information about the cooktop see
"Cooktop maintenance" and "Cooktop cleaning" in the Care
& Cleaning section.

Cooktop operational noises

The electronic processes involved with induction cooking
may create some unusual background noises. You may hear
a slight "buzz" sound when heating with the cooktop.
These noises are a part of the induction cooking process
are considered normal.
Some cookware will "buzz" louder depending on the
construction or base material used. The "buzz" sound may
be more noticeable if the contents of the pan are cold; as
the pan heats up, the sound will decrease. If the power
level setting is reduced, the sound level will also decrease.
When using the induction cooktop, operational noises
are more noticeable while cooking at the "Pb" level. Very
loud noises are not part of normal induction cooking.
Hot cookware and residual heat
The type and size of cookware, cooking duration, the
number of cooking zones in use and their power level
settings are all factors that will affect the amount of heat
that will spread beyond the cooking zones.
The induction cooking zones and areas surrounding the
cooking zones may become hot enough to cause burns.
Be sure to read all cautions.
• Unlike radiant surface elements, the cooking zones
will not glow red when they are hot. The glass
surface may be hot from residual heat transferred
from the cookware and burns may occur.
• Do not touch hot cookware or pans directly with
hands. Always use oven mitts or pot holders to protect
hands from burns.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents