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Replacing The Oven Light - Frigidaire Electric Range with Induction Cooktop Use & Care Manual


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Cooktop cleaning (cont'd)
DO NOT use a cooktop cleaner on a hot cooktop.
The fumes can be hazardous to your health and
can chemically damage the ceramic glass surface.
Do not use the following on the cooktop:
• Do not use abrasive cleaners and scouring pads, such as
metal and some nylon pads. They may scratch the
cooktop, making it more difficult to clean.
• Do not use harsh cleaners, such as chlorine bleach,
ammonia or oven cleaners, as they may etch or discolor
the cooktop.
• Do not use dirty sponges, cloths or paper towels, as they
can leave soil or lint on the cooktop which can burn and
cause discoloration.
Damage to the ceramic glass cooktop may occur if you
use an abrasive type cleaning pad. Only use cleaning
products that have been specifically designed for ceramic
glass cooktops.
Caution for aluminum use on the cooktop
• Aluminum Foil - Use of aluminum foil on a hot cooktop
may damage the ceramic cooktop. Do not use thin
aluminum cooking utensils or allow aluminum foil to
touch the ceramic cooktop under ANY circumstances.
Replacing the oven interior light
Be sure the range is unplugged and all parts are COOL before
replacing oven light. Wear a leather-faced glove for protection
against possible broken glass.
The interior oven light bulb is located at the rear oven cavity
and is covered with a glass shield. The glass shield must be
in place whenever the oven is in use (See Fig. 1).
Replacing the oven interior light bulb:
1. Turn electrical power off at the main source or unplug
the appliance.
2. Remove interior oven light shield (See Fig. 1).
3. Replace bulb with a new T-4 type 40 Watt Halogen
appliance bulb. Please note: do not allow your fingers
to touch the new bulb when replacing. This will shorten
the life of the new bulb. Use a paper towel to cover the
new bulb when installing.
4. Replace glass interior oven light shield.
5. Turn power back on again at the main source (or plug
the appliance back in).
6. Be sure to reset the time of day on the clock.
oven interior
light bulb
rear oven
glass shield
Fig. 1

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents