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Induction Cooking Zones; Pan Sensing - Frigidaire Electric Range with Induction Cooktop Use & Care Manual

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Pan sensing

The cooking zone sensors located below the cooktop
surface require that certain cookware conditions are met
before the induction cooking zones can operate.
The cooking zone display windows may display a pan
sensing error message. If a cooking zone was activated and
no pan or cookware is detected, the affected induction
cooking zone display window will flash with the last power
level request setting (See Fig. 1).
Be sure to check that the cookware has met all the correct
conditions listed in Fig. 2. Use this checklist as a guide to
help to correct the problem or problems before attempting
to reactivate any of the cooking zones.
It is recommended that you lower the requested power
level setting before correcting the pan sensing message.
If the problem or problems are not corrected the affected
cooking zone will automatically deactivate after 3 minutes.
The conditions that may generate a flashing error message
are also illustrated in the incorrect column in Fig. 2.
Fig. 1
One or more incorrect cookware conditions may be
detected by sensors located below the cooking zones. If
the cookware does not meet the correct conditions, the
cooking zones may not heat. Use the checklist below to
correct the problem(s) before attempting to reactivate
cooking zones.
• Cookware base material has
good magnetic characteristics.
• Cookware centered correctly
on cooking zone.
• Flat pan bottom and straight
• Pan size meets or exceeds
the recommended minimum
size for cooking zone.
• Pan rests completely and is
level on the cooktop
• Pan is properly balanced.
• Cookware base material is
• Cookware not centered on
cooking zone.
• Curved or warped pan bottoms
or sides.
• Pan does not meet the minimum
size required (too small) for
cooking zone.
• Pan bottom rests on cooktop
• Heavy handle tilts pan.
Fig. 2

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