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Setting The Sabbath Mode Feature - Frigidaire Electric Range with Induction Cooktop Use & Care Manual


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To Set the Sabbath Feature
Jewish Sabbath & Holidays)
For further assistance, guidelines for proper
usage and a complete list of models with the
Sabbath feature, please vist the web at
FOOD POISONING HAZARD. Do not let food sit for more
than one hour before or after cooking. Doing so can result
in food poisoning or sickness.
The bake time and delay start pads are used to set the
Sabbath feature. The Sabbath feature may only be used
with the bake feature. The oven temperature may be set
higher or lower after setting the Sabbath feature (the oven
temperature adjustment feature should be used only during
Jewish Holidays), however the display will not be visible and
no audible tones will be provided when a change occurs.
Once the oven is properly set using the bake feature with
the Sabbath mode active, the oven will remain continuously
ON until cancelled. The Sabbath mode will override the
factory preset 6-Hour Energy Saving feature.
If the oven light(s) are needed during the Sabbath, press
the oven light pad before activating the Sabbath feature.
Once the oven light is turned on and the Sabbath feature is
active, the oven light will remain on until the Sabbath
feature is turned OFF. If the oven light needs to be off, be
sure to turn the oven light off before activating the Sabbath
It is recommended that any oven temperature change with
the Sabbath feature active be followed with 2 presses of
the start pad. This will insure the oven remains ON even if
the attempt to set the oven temperature was lower or
higher than the oven control can accept. If the oven
temperature is set incorrectly, the oven temperature will
default to 170°F or 500°F. Try to set the desired oven
temperature again.
The induction cooktop will not operate when the oven is
set for Sabbath Day feature. The cooktop displays will
show the cooktop lockout " - - " messages whenever the
Sabbath Day feature is active (Fig. 2).
(for use on the
To program the oven to bake at 350°F and then
activate the Sabbath Day feature:
1. Be sure that the clock is set with
the correct time of day.
2. Arrange the oven racks and place
the food in the oven and close door.
3. Press bake.
4. Press start.
5. If a timed bake or delayed
timed bake is needed
then enter the time in this step.
If not, skip this step and continue
to step 6. Refer to the bake time
or delay start instructions.
Remember the oven will shut-off
after completing a
timed bake or delay start and
therefore may only be used once
during the Sabbath/Jewish Holidays.
The maximum delay start time
is 11 hours & 59 minutes.
6. Press and hold both the
bake time and delay start pads
for at least 3 seconds
simultaneously. The control will
beep and SAb will appear in
the display (See Fig. 1). The oven
is properly set for the Sabbath
once SAb appears in the display.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents