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Effortless™ Oven Rack System And Assembly - Frigidaire Electric Range with Induction Cooktop Use & Care Manual


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Effortless™ Oven Rack system
Some models are equipped with a special oven rack system
that automatically partially extends the oven rack from the
interior oven glides to assist in easier access to your food
items. This feature works whenever the oven door is
opened or closed.
To assemble the Effortless™ Oven Rack system:
1. Locate all required parts. You will need the supplied
oven rack (Effortless™ Oven Rack is a flat rack with a
special dark coating on the left and right rack
sides) and the 2 supplied chrome connector arms.
2. Open the oven door. Be sure the oven is completely
cool before proceeding.
3. Place the oven rack in positions 2, 3 or 4 only (see
previous page to verify positions).Be sure the rack
connector brackets are at the rear of the range and
pointing towards oven bottom (See Fig. 2).
4. Assemble one connector arm at a time. With the oven
door open and the oven rack in place, install one end of
the connector arm to the hole in the door connector
bracket (Fig. 1) and the other end in the hole in the
rack connector bracket (Fig. 2 and as in Fig. 3). The
oven rack may need to be adjusted in or out in the rack
position to match the length of the connector arm.
5. While holding the connector arm in place, twist the
connector arm so the ends of the connector arm point
upwards (See Figs. 4 & 5). The connector arm should
now be locked into position.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other connector arm.
7. Once both connector arms are properly in place, be
sure to test the oven rack operation by gently closing
the oven door. The oven rack should move in and out of
the oven freely when the door is opened or closed.
REMOVE ALL OVEN RACKS and accessories before
starting a self-clean cycle. If the oven racks are left
in the oven during the self-clean cycle, the glide ability of
the Effortless™ Oven Rack system will be damaged and
will cause oven racks to loose their shiny finish and or
turn blue. Remove ALL oven racks and clean according
to instructions provided in the Care & Cleaning section of
this manual.
Make sure the oven and oven racks are COMPLETLY cool
and safe to touch before attempting to assemble or
disassemble the Effortless™ Oven Rack system. Never
pick up hot oven rack parts.
Only the Effortless™ Oven Rack system should be
used in oven rack position 2. Placing ANY other rack
in oven rack position 2 will prevent the oven door
from fully closing and may damage the oven door,
oven cavity or the door connector brackets.
If the rack system is not assembled with the connector
arms the Effortless™ Oven rack may be used in oven rack
positions 2 thru 6. Do not attempt to use the Effortless™
Oven rack in rack position 1.
Fig. 1
Fig. 3 - assembly
of the Effortless™
Oven Rack
open oven
Fig. 4
door connector
with connector arm ends
shown in locked position
(pointing upwards)
Fig. 6 - Effortless™ Oven Rack after assembly
rack connector
Fig. 2
Fig. 5
left and right

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents