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Setting Surface & Oven Controls 6-7 - Frigidaire MMF312AWA Use & Care Manual

Electric range with or without electronic clock and coil surface elements
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Setting Surface & Oven Controls
The surface control knob shown
above may not look identical to
the knob on your range.
The suggested settings found in the chart below are based on cooking in medium-weight
aluminum pans with lids. Settings may vary when using other types of pans.
Type of Cooking
Start most foods, bring water to a boil, pan broiling
Continue a rapid boil, fry, deep fat fry
MEDIUM (4-5)
Maintain a slow boil, thicken sauces and gravies, steam vegetables
MEDIUM LOW (2 - 3)
Keep foods cooking, poach, stew
Keep warm, melt, simmer
the Oven
For satisfactory use of you r oven, become familiar with the various functions of the oven as described below. Note: The Oven
or Thermostat
indicator light will glow when the oven is turned on when baking or broiling. A quick glance at this indicator light
when cooking is finished is an easy check to be sure the oven is turned off.
TO Bake
Arrange oven racks while the oven is still cool. See "Arranging Oven Racks" under Before Setting Oven Control.
Turn the Oven Control knob to the desired temperature.
Preheat the oven for 10 to 12 minutes before baking. Preheating is not necessary when roasting, cooking casseroles or
broiling most foods.
When cooking is finished, turn the Oven Control knob to OFF.
To Broil
Arrange oven rack while oven is still cool. For rare meats, position the broiler pan closer to the element (upper position).
For well-done foods such as chicken, lobster tails or thick cuts of meat, position the pan further from the element (lower
Turn the Oven Control to Broil. Most foods can be broiled at the Broil setting. To sear rare steaks, allow the element to
become red-hot--about
2 minutes--before
placing food in the oven.
Place the insert on the broiler pan, then place the food on the insert. DO NOT use the broiler pan without the insert or cover
the insert with aluminum foil. The exposed fat could ignite.
Place the pan on the oven rack. Leave the door open at the broil stop position
while broiling.
The door will stay in this
position without closing.
Broil on one side until food is browned; turn and cook on the second side. Season and serve. Note: Always pull the rack
out to the stop position before turning or removing food.
When broiling is finished, turn the Oven Control to OFF.
The oven control knob shown above
may notlookidenticaltothe
knob on
The broiler pan and the insert allows grease to
drain and be kept away from the high heat of the
broiler. DO NOT use the pan without the insert.
DO NOT cover the insert with foil; the exposed
grease could ignite.
Should an oven fire occur, close the oven door and turn offthe oven. If the fire continues, throw baking soda
on the fire or use a fire extinguisher. DO NOT put water or flour on the fire. Flour may be explosive.



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