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Oven Cleaning; Adjusting The Oven Temperature - Frigidaire PLGF659ECA Control Manual

Electronic oven control
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Oven Cleaning

Self-Clean or Speed Clean Cycle time length
For satisfactory results, use a 2 hour Self-Clean cycle for light soils and a 3 hour cycle for average or heavy soils.
NOTE: The kitchen area should be well ventilated using an open window, ventilation fan or exhaust hood during the Self-
Clean or Speed Clean cycle. This will help eliminate the normal odors associated with the Self-Cleaning cycles.
To Set the Controls for a Self-Clean or Speed Clean Cycle or a Delayed Start
Self-Clean or Delayed Start Speed Clean Cycle:
(Note: If you do not want to start a Delayed Self-Clean or Speed Clean Cycle, skips
steps 2 & 3.)
1. Be sure the clock shows the correct time of day.
2. Press the START TIME pad.
3. Press and hold the UP ARROW pad to scroll to the time to start the delayed
Self-Clean cycle. Release the pad when the desired time is displayed.
4. Press the CLEAN pad (for a 3 hour cycle) or the SPEED CLEAN pad (for a 2 hour
cycle). "- -" appears in the display.
5. Press the UP ARROW pad once.
As soon as the controls are set, the motor driven lock will begin to close
automatically and the "Door Locked" indicator light will flash. DO NOT open the
oven door while the light is flashing (it takes about 15 seconds for the oven door
to lock).
6. "CLn" will appear in the display during the Self-Clean cycle and the "Door
Locked" light will glow until the Self-Cleaning cycle is complete or cancelled and
the oven temperature has cooled.
When the Self-Clean or Speed Clean Cycle is Completed:
1. The time of day or "End" will appear in the display window and the "Clean" and "Door Lock" light will continue to
2. Once the oven has cooled down for about 1 HOUR and the "Door Lock" light has gone out, the oven door can be
3. If "End" is in the display and the Select Clean indicator light remains ON, press the CLEAR/OFF pad. The time of day
will appear in the display.
NOTE: When the oven is cool, wipe away any residue or powdered ash with a damp cloth or paper towel.
Stopping or Interrupting a Self-Cleaning or Speed Cleaning Cycle
If it becomes necessary to stop or interrupt a Self-Cleaning cycle:
1. Press the CLEAR/OFF pad.
2. Once the oven has cooled down for about 1 HOUR and the "Door Lock" light has gone out, the oven door can be
3. Restart the Self-Clean cycle once all conditions have been corrected.

Adjusting the Oven Temperature

Your oven thermostat has been precisely set at the factory. This setting may differ from your previous oven, however, so your
recipe times may not give you the results you expect. If you think that the oven is cooking too hot or cool for your recipe times,
you can adjust the thermostat so that the oven cooks hotter or cooler than the temperature displayed.
To Adjust Oven Temperature:
1. Press and hold the BAKE pad for 8 seconds. The display now indicates the amount of degrees offset between the original
factory temperature setting and the current temperature setting. If the oven control has the original factory calibration, the
display will read "0".
2. The temperature can now be adjusted up or down 35°F or 19°C, in 1°F or 1°C steps by pushing and holding the UP or DOWN
ARROW pad. Adjust until the desired amount of degrees offset appears in the display. When lowering the oven temperature,
a minus sign (-) will appear before the number to indicate that the oven will be cooler by the displayed amount of degrees.
3. When you have made the desired adjustment, wait 5 seconds and the display will go back to the time of day.
Note: Oven temperature adjustment made will not change the Self-Cleaning feature temperature.
To avoid possible
burns use care when opening the
oven door after the Self-Cleaning
cycle. Stand to the side of the oven
when opening the door to allow hot
air or steam to escape.
DO NOT force the
oven door open. This can damage
the automatic door locking system.
Use caution and avoid possible burns
when opening the door after the
Self-Cleaning cycle has completed.
The oven may still be VERY HOT.


Table of Contents

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