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Operating guide


   Summary of Contents for Becker MAP PILOT

  • Page 1

    Becker® MAP PILOT Operating guide...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Main menu POI nearby/POI near destination Safety instructions > D POI near address Using the input menu The Becker® MAP PILOT > GB Entering a POI directly Entering characters Usage Entering a POI by phone number Selecting from a list Unpacking the Becker®...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    > PL POIs on the map Systems GmbH. All technical data, draw- > CZ Speed limits ings etc. are protected by copyright law. Driver alerts © Copyright 2012, HARMAN/BECKER > H TMC settings Automotive Systems GmbH > RUS All rights reserved.

  • Page 4

    >>> SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Safety instructions > D Safety instructions > GB • Operation of the unit is permitted only if traffic conditions are suitable and you are absolutely sure that you, your passengers or other motorists are not endangered, obstructed or inconvenienced. >...

  • Page 5: Delivery Contents

    > GB PILOT Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The Becker® > F MAP PILOT can be used with the op- Note: tional equipment "Pre-fitting for Becker® > I Your Becker® MAP PILOT is delivered MAP PILOT" and "Becker® MAP in stable packaging.

  • Page 6: Dealing With The Packaging

    USB connecting cable > D Please check first on You can connect the Becker® MAP The Becker® MAP PILOT consists of the (FAQs, soft- PILOT to a standard personal computer basic Becker® MAP PILOT unit and the > GB ware updates) for possible solutions.

  • Page 7: S Repairs

    You can register your product using our software service. We will then inform you > GB of any new updates and other news. > F You can register online on the Becker > I homepage > E The “Map and Software update” menu >...

  • Page 8: Maintenance And Care

    >>> GENERAL OPERATION Maintenance and care Your unit was designed and manufactured • Do not store your unit in cold environ- General operation with great care and should be treated with ments. During operation, when the > D The unit is maintenance-free. equal care.

  • Page 9: Power Supply, Battery Quality/commissioning, Memory Card

    > D The capacity of the rechargeable battery in Once the Becker® MAP PILOT has been Your Becker® MAP PILOT has a slot for your Becker® MAP PILOT decreases unpacked and checked to ensure it is free an SD memory card.

  • Page 10: Unit Holder, Basic Operation

    To remove the Becker® MAP PILOT from the holder, push the slide at the front > D The Becker® MAP PILOT is inserted in The Becker® MAP PILOT is operated of the holder. the holder in the vehicle’s glove compart- using a number of the controls of the in- >...

  • Page 11: Menu Basics, Delete Function, Main Menu

    8 different directions. This You can start the various functions of your is dealt with separately in the guide. > E Becker® MAP PILOT from the main menu. > P Back function At all menu levels you can return to the >...

  • Page 12: Using The Input Menu, Entering Characters

    When a navigation destination is entered, > P The characters input using the input the Becker® MAP PILOT compares the menu are displayed in the top line of text. > NL data with the stored data. The middle section is used for character Only those letters that are still possible are entry.

  • Page 13: Selecting From A List, Switching Between Upper And Lower Case, Malfunctions

    10, the Becker® MAP > E PILOT from the holder. > P > Wait a while and insert the Becker® MAP PILOT again. > NL > Select the desired function using the ro- > Select the desired entry from the list us- >...

  • Page 14: Content Manager Becker Map Pilot, Installing The Content Manager BeckerĀ® Map Pilot

    To use the Content Manager Becker® After a short time, the Becker® MAP > FIN then displays the message "Your unit is MAP PILOT, you will need the USB ca- PILOT is displayed as a removable storage now ready to use". > TR ble provided as well as a computer that medium on the computer.

  • Page 15: Navigation Mode, What Is Navigation

    > P With the Becker® MAP PILOT, the lo- system. For safety reasons, route guidance is given cation is determined by the GPS receiver. predominantly in spoken form. This is •...

  • Page 16: Last Destinations, Using Last Destinations, Starting With Existing Destination, Displaying Or Editing A Destination

    >>> NAVIGATION MODE Last destinations Using last destinations Note: > D Up to 200 of the most recent destinations In the last destinations, the most recent Starting with existing destination are automatically stored in the destina- destinations and stored destinations are >...

  • Page 17: Home Address

    NAVIGATION MODE >>> Home address Option Meaning Option Meaning When you select with the rotary > D Home The destination is delet- Delete entry The data for the destina- Show details control/push button you will be asked to ed from the last destina- tion is displayed.

  • Page 18: Destination Input, Structure Of The Destination Input Menu, Entering An Address

    >>> NAVIGATION MODE Destination input Entering an address • Enter point of interest Points of interest such as airports and > D > Select from the destina- Enter address You can enter a destination in a number of ferry ports, restaurants, hotels, petrol tion input menu.

  • Page 19: Selecting A Province, Selecting An Address And Starting Route Guidance

    If you do not wish to accept the sug- gestion simply select the subsequent let- > I ters of the desired city. > E The Becker® MAP PILOT excludes all The following settings can be made in the impossible letter combinations and postal address input menu: > P codes and activates only those letters and •...

  • Page 20

    > GB you can switch to the list before this by The Becker® MAP PILOT excludes all to further limit the choice. pushing the rotary control/push button impossible letter combinations and acti- >...

  • Page 21

    NAVIGATION MODE >>> Selecting a house number Displaying the route After a short time, the alternative routes After entering the destination city and Once the address has been entered, the ad- will be displayed. > D street, you can enter a house number so as dress input menu allows the route to the >...

  • Page 22

    >>> NAVIGATION MODE Showing the destination on the map Starting route guidance > Select Add as stopover Replace old > In the address input menu, push the ro- > In the address input menu, select > D Start destination tary control/push button to the right. to start route guidance.

  • Page 23: Points Of Interest, Poi Nearby/poi Near Destination

    NAVIGATION MODE >>> Points of interest POI nearby/POI near destination If you have selected the category, any > In the POI menu, select points of interest belonging to relevant Points of interest (POI for short) include > D POI nearby a POI nearby.

  • Page 24: Poi Near Address, Entering A Poi Directly, Entering A Poi By Phone Number Search

    If you have already entered an address, trol/push button. the right for further control options. this address will appear by default. > GB The Becker® MAP PILOT displays in a > Select > Press the to begin route button. Start guidance Select category >...

  • Page 25: Selecting A Destination From The Map

    The map display appears. > I Note: > The Becker® MAP PILOT displays in > E a list all the points of interest corre- Push the rotary control/push button to sponding to the number entered.

  • Page 26: Route Planning

    >>> NAVIGATION MODE Route planning Note: Note: > D The route planning menu allows you to If no routes have yet been stored, the You can also select a stage in the route create and select individual routes. To do route menu is empty.

  • Page 27: Creating A New Route, Editing A Route

    NAVIGATION MODE >>> • Creating a new route Editing a route Route list Displays a list of the individual stages. > Select from the route > Select the route you wish to edit. > D Create new route menu. > Highlight the stage that you wish to ed- •...

  • Page 28: Displaying Tmc Messages

    Note: > D Once you have connected the Becker® using TMC As the traffic announcements are trans- MAP PILOT to the unit holder, your mitted by radio stations, we cannot as- > GB Becker® MAP PILOT will receive up-to- Note:...

  • Page 29: Reading A Message, Displaying The Relevant Road In The Map

    > D On map routes sage list. Your Becker® MAP PILOT can take traf- > GB fic announcements into consideration > F when calculating a route. You have the option of setting this function to automat- >...

  • Page 30: Manual Recalculation, The Map Display

    > N If after the selection of Detour the > Select the desired route. Becker® MAP PILOT determines that an > FIN expedient alternative route is possible, the following display appears. > TR >...

  • Page 31: Calling Up The Map Display, Structure Of The Map Display, Map Display Without Route Guidance

    NAVIGATION MODE >>> Calling up the map display Structure of the map display Map display with route guidance The map display is called up automatical- The structure depends on the settings > D ly when you start route guidance. made in “Map display” on page 38 and >...

  • Page 32: Split Screen With Route Guidance

    >>> NAVIGATION MODE ond driving manoeuvre is displayed above Split screen with route guidance Note: the first arrow. > D Following the traffic lane recommenda- tions allows you to perform the next driv- > GB Information on the TMC status is dis- ing manoeuvre without changing lanes.

  • Page 33: Route Guidance With Arrow Display, Using The Map Display, Map Zooming

    NAVIGATION MODE >>> Using the map display Speed limit on the road currently be- Note: ing driven on (display not available > D Following the traffic lane recommenda- for all roads) Map zooming tions allows you to perform the next driv- If the Autozoom function is enabled as de- >...

  • Page 34: Map Toolbox, Route Guidance, Cancelling Route Guidance, Entering/deleting A Stopover

    >>> NAVIGATION MODE Map toolbox Route guidance Entering/deleting a stopover With this function, you can enter a stopo- > D Note: Using the map toolbox you can change ver or delete an entered stopover. the settings for route guidance, for the >...

  • Page 35: Setting Route Options, Skipping A Destination, Muting Announcements, Displaying The Entire Route

    > S This might be necessary if, for example, a destination was not driven to directly. > N Otherwise the Becker® MAP PILOT will The entire route is displayed. > FIN attempt to guide you to the current desti- On the left-hand side you can see the dis- The My Route menu appears.

  • Page 36: Tmc On The Route

    >>> NAVIGATION MODE Displaying the route list Simulating a route You can display the route in a list. You can also start a simulation of the > D > With the entire route displayed, select route. > GB > With the entire route displayed, select Route list Options >...

  • Page 37: Point Of Interest On The Route, Blocking A Route

    > GB You can specify which categories of points that should not be used. The Becker® of interest should be displayed, and you MAP PILOT then attempts to calculate a > F can also choose whether to display only diversion.

  • Page 38: Map Display

    >>> NAVIGATION MODE Map display > For 3D mode, select whether or not 3D Clearing a blocked route You can clear the blocking of a road places of interest available should be dis- > D You can select whether the map is to be ahead.

  • Page 39: Position Display, Adjust Position

    NAVIGATION MODE >>> Position display Adjust position By selecting you can store your cur- Save rent position in the last destinations. You can display your current position and In case of the use of an elevated road you > D store this position.

  • Page 40: Repeating An Announcement

    >>> NAVIGATION MODE Repeating an announcement > D When route guidance is active, you can re- quest a current announcement or repeat > GB the last announcement. > Select in the map toolbox. Repeat > F > I > E >...

  • Page 41: Settings, Route Guidance Settings, Route Options

    • mileage is calculated tak- System settings the estimated journey times. > TR Basic settings relating to the Becker® ing into consideration > Select in the route guid- Route options MAP PILOT further parameters such >...

  • Page 42: Reality View, Signposts, Lane Recommendations, Announcements

    >>> SETTINGS Reality view Announcements Option Meaning > D When this function is enabled, you will You can specify whether street names are With this option, the Short see realistic views (if available) of the cur- to be announced and whether the updated shortest route in terms of >...

  • Page 43: Map Settings, Autozoom, Speed Limits

    SETTINGS >>> Map settings After selecting you can specify Advanced whether all POI symbols or only a set of > D The map settings contain the settings that POI symbols selected by you are to be dis- are relevant to the map display. >...

  • Page 44: Driver Alerts, Tmc Settings

    >>> SETTINGS Driver alerts TMC settings > D You can have signs displayed, e.g. for dan- You can make settings for the reception gerous curves or steep gradients, provided and processing of TMC traffic announce- > GB if this information is stored in the map da- ments.

  • Page 45: System Settings, Language, Design Variants, Pin Protection

    You can set the menu language and the your vehicle by means of this security > N language for the navigation announce- code. If your Becker® MAP PILOT is to ments. > FIN be used in a different vehicle, the security >...

  • Page 46: Map Update Reminder, Information, Factory Reset

    > Enter the desired security code and con- > Select firm your entry with > P The following selection displays informa- The Becker® MAP PILOT is reset to the > Enter the security code again and con- tion regarding the Becker® MAP PILOT. > NL factory settings.

  • Page 47: Glossary

    GLOSSARY >>> Glossary (Greenwich Mean Time) (Push To Talk) (Universal Serial Bus) > D Central European time For this unit it means that after a selection The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a bus > GB Standard time at degree of longitude 0 of PTT a address can be spoken.

  • Page 48: Index

    GPS ......47 MAP PILOT ....14 Cancelling .

  • Page 49

    INDEX >>> Stopover Deleting ....34 Restrictions > D Entering ....34 Ferries .

  • Page 50: Notice, Ce Declaration Of Conformity

    > S CE declaration of conformity > N Harman/Becker Automotive Systems GmbH declares herewith that the Becker® MAP > FIN PILOT conforms to the basic requirements of applicable EC regulations and especially to the basic requirements and other relevant regulations of the R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC.

  • Page 51: Disposal

    Customer information on the disposal of electrical and electronic devices (private households) > GB In accordance with the self-imposed principles of Harman/Becker Automotive Systems Gm- > F bH, its product was developed and made from high-quality, recyclable materials and compo- nents.

  • Page 52: Disposal Of The Battery, Duty To Supply Information According To Battery Legislation (battv)

    > DK Becker-Göring-Str. 16 D- 76307 Karlsbad- Ittersbach > S The lithium ion battery in the Becker® MAP PILOT is marked with the adjacent symbol, > N consisting of a crossed-out waste bin, and the type of battery used. > FIN Lithium ion >...

  • Page 53

    NOTICE >>> > D > GB > F > I > E > P > NL > DK > S > N > Completely discharge the battery. > Press the battery cover on the underside of the unit lightly and push the battery cover in the direction of the arrow. >...

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