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Step 2: Log In As Administrator; Step 3: Change Administrator Password; Step 4: Equipment Setup - Toshiba Strata CIX Programming Manual

Application implementation
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My Phone Manager™
Configure My Phone Manager
4. Set the following parameters (sample
screen shown at right):
Set System Speed Dial – Set to
Enable (allows the Super1 user to
make changes to the system speed
dial through My Phone Manager or
the phone).
My Phone Manager Level – Choose
one: Normal, Super1, Super2 (not
Security Code – Set to CIX security

Step 2: Log In as Administrator

1. Start the Internet Explorer.
2. Type http://<PC Name>/
MyPhoneManager (example:
MyPhoneManager) and press
<Enter>. The Login screen
displays (shown right).
3. In the CIX System field, select
your system from the drop-down
4. In the Extension field, type in
5. In the Security code field, type in
6. Click Sign In.

Step 3: Change Administrator Password

1. The Change Administrator Password screen displays below the Equipment Setup screen.
2. Type in the new password and confirm it. Click Change.

Step 4: Equipment Setup

The Equipment Setup screen is for adding, modifying or deleting equipment. If you enter the
information for both the CIX and SES as one piece of equipment, the menu you view will be a
blended menu of both CIX and Stratagy options (see
If you want the option of viewing only CIX programming or only Stratagy ES programming,
you need to make and save a separate entry for each piece of Equipment in this screen. For
example: For CIX only, leave the IP Address for the SES blank and for Stratagy only, leave the
CIX fields blank.
This security code is what the
client uses to log into the CIX. If
you use your telephone security
code, you can only manage the CIX phone system. Users who want to manage both their
phone system and voice mail must use their voice mail security code to log in.
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Strata CTX Application Implementation Vol 3


Table of Contents

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