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HP XP P9500 User Manual: Start A Pair; Get Pair Status

Continuous access synchronous for mainframe systems.
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Example 10 ChangeHrcOption command
Start $Script="HRC",$Svr="64002"
// $Dev
SetList $D =_ilDevA, $S = {0x000100,0x000101,0x000102,0x000103,0x000104}
AddList $D =_ilDevA, $S = {0x000117,0x000118,0x000119}
// $OptCfwSetList $D = _ilWorkA, $S = {1, 1, 0}
// $Fence
SetList $D = _slWorkA, $S = {"D", "S", "N", "Data", "Status"}
ChangeHrcOption $Dev = _ilDevA, $Fence = _slWorkA,
$OptCfw = _ilWorkA
// $Dev
SetList $D =_ilDevB,
$S = {0x000A00,0x000A01,0x000A02,0x000A03,0x000A04}
ChangeHrcOption $Dev = _ilDevB

Start a pair

The StartHrcPair command allows you to start the remote copy process for all new and
resynchronized pairs (CreateHrcPair and ResumeHrcPair commands).
The StartHrcPair command does not have any arguments or parameters. After you have
created and/or resynchronized all desired pairs, add the StartHrcPair command to the script
to begin remote copy activity for all preceding new and resynchronized pairs.
The following example shows the StartHrcPair command as it appears within a script file.
Example 1 1 StartHrcPair command

Get pair status

The GetHrcStatus macro command allows you to obtain the status of a specific pair. The
GetHrcStatus parameter includes:
GetHrcStatus∆$Dev= Device
The Detail for the argument is:
Device (numeric constant, non-list-type and numeric-type work variable):
VOL = L x 0x10000, C x 0x100 + VV, where L=LDKC#, C=CU#, VV=vol# within the CU.
The GetHrcStatus command obtains the status of the pair from the P9500 and displays the
status as a reserved variable "_HrcStatus" (see
an example of the GetHrcStatus command for the pair with LDEV ID 0x00004a.
When you specify device, you can omit LDKC# if the LDKC# is 0. For example, you can write
0x0102 when LDKC# is 0, CU# is 1, and vol# is 2.
1 14
Continuous Access Synchronous Z scripting
Table 60 (page
121)). The following example shows


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