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HP XP P9500 User Manual: Message; Setlist; Start

Continuous access synchronous for mainframe systems.
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Example 15
MakeString $D= output buffer ,$Fmt= expression 1,$Item= expression 2
Table 58 MakeString expression definitions
Expression 1
Expression 1 is one of three format control strings ($Fmt):
%d Converts a 16-bit numeric expression to a decimal
number (0 - 65535).
%x Converts a 16-bit numeric expression to a
hexadecimal number (0 - 0xffff).
%s Sets a string as it is.
The following example shows the MakeString statement used to convert the 16-bit numeric
expression to a hexadecimal number (0 - 0xffff) and set the string as it is, with an output buffer of
Example 16 MakeString command
MakeString $D=_sMsgB
,$Fmt= EndCode=(0x%x):%s"
For the MakeString command listed above, see the following example:
Example 17 MakeString output
_sMsgB =


The Message command is not yet supported.


The SetList command allows you to assign specific items to a list. The format of the SetList
command is: SetList $D= output list,$S=expression(attribute of the items to be assigned to the list
with a numeric range of 0x0000 to 0xffff). The command used to set 0, 1, 2, 0x1e, and 0x1f to
be displayed in the Dev (Device) B list the command is shown in the following example:
Example 18 SetList command
SetList $D=ilDevB,$S={0,1,2,0x1e,0x1f}


The Start command allows you to declare the beginning of a script and check whether the
connected storage system is proper.
The format of the Start command is: Start $Script= HRC",$Svr=xxxxx (xxxxx : S/N of
the connected storage system).
If the S/N input to $Svr is different from the S/N of the connected storage system, the script will
be aborted.
The conditions and how to use the Start command are as follows.
The Start command must be described on the first line of the script.
The Start statement must appear at every script.
The Start statement cannot include a comment statement, an empty statement or a blank
EndCode=(0x110f):Error Occurred".
Expression 2
Expression 2 is any expression not containing a list
reserved variable (must be constant or work variable).
Internal macro commands
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