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HP XP P9500 Release Note

Hp p9000 business continuity manager release notes (t5253-96056, september 2011).
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HP P9000 for Business Continuity Manager
Software 6.6.1-01
Release Notes
HP Part Number: T5253-96056
Published: September 201 1
Edition: Second


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  • Page 1: Release Notes

    HP P9000 for Business Continuity Manager Software 6.6.1-01 Release Notes HP Part Number: T5253-96056 Published: September 201 1 Edition: Second...

  • Page 2

    © Copyright 2009, 201 1 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

  • Page 3: Product Models

    Version: 6.6.1 Description This document contains release notes on the HP P9000 for Business Continuity Manager Software. Update recommendation: Recommended Supersedes: 6.6.0-00 Product models Table 1 Storage system firmware levels Storage system Required microcode version Hardware support function HP XP24000 Disk Array 60-02-33 or later 0x22 or lower HP XP20000 Disk Array...

  • Page 4

    Table 3 Supported enhancements and features (continued) Item New Features and Enhancements available (P9500). This function preserves a consistency of a C/T group including a copy group for Open and a copy group for MF. Operation improvement When a local disk is scanned by YKSCAN command, the capacity of volume is obtained in cylinder.

  • Page 5

    Table 5 Fixes (continued) Fixes Applied products Applied OS copy pair status is reported wrongly as the SIMPLEX status. This problem may occur when all of the following conditions are met: Create an BC copy pair structured by more than two S-VOLs to one P-VOL.

  • Page 6

    Table 7 Restrictions (continued) Restrictions Do not specify the following values to the DADID of a Disk Configuration Definition, a copy group and a route list. Specifying those values may cause the information displayed in Discover HP Storage Arrays panel to become incorrect.

  • Page 7

    ISPF panels Table 9 Overall Item Specification in V6.6 New Specification in V6.6.1 Version Command Control Address None “Cyls” is displayed as a unit 6.6.1-00 (CCA) Selection List of a volume capacity. Pair Selection List (Primary) None “Cyls” is displayed as a unit of a volume capacity.

  • Page 8

    Table 1 1 Prerequisite programs when linking Replication Manager Program name Description Notes IBM Communication Server A communication program Standard OS component Replication Manager A program required to define, use, 7.1.0 and monitor copy pairs. IBM HTTP Server for z/OS An optional product bundled with Use Version 6.1 WebSphere™...

  • Page 9

    Memory and disk space requirements Virtual memory space requirements The following indicates the user region necessary to run BCM. User region under 16 MB: 1,024 KB Extended user region over 16 MB For TSO/E: ◦ – 4,000 KB + (2 x number of volumes) KB ◦...

  • Page 10

    Table 14 Disk space requirements (continued) Files to be installed Required space (in unit of tracks*1) Number of directories HPQSYPNLT 60 tracks HPQSYMSGT 5 tracks HPQSYTABT 5 tracks Prerequisite conditions The following tables show prerequisite conditions for 4x4x4 Multi-Target configuration with Delta Resync.

  • Page 11

    Table 17 Hardware settings Item Description Remarks Arbitration command devices DKCs at the Remote site: One or more Arbitration command devices must be set arbitration command devices for each up with Remote Web Console. subordinate DKC. Journal groups Journal groups for Cnt Ac-J. Timer type Required at the Primary, Remote, and must be “System.”...

  • Page 12

    Table 18 Software settings (OS and BCM) Item Description Remarks Route list (Configuration file) As in the basic 3DC Multi-Target configuration with Delta Resync pairs, the host at each site must have its own route list. See “Preparing the Software (OS, Business Continuity Manager)”...

  • Page 13

    Table 19 Overview of CLI commands (continued) CLI command 4x4x4 configuration Differences from previous Remarks version Not applicable Not applicable YKDELPTH Supported None YKEWAIT Not applicable Not applicable YKFCSTAT Supported None YKFREEZE Supported None YKLOAD Supported None YKMAKE Supported None YKQRYDEV Not applicable Not applicable...

  • Page 14: Installation Instructions

    Table 20 Operation procedure of 4x4x4 Multi-Target configuration with Delta Resync Operation procedure Description Configuration Difference from 3DC Multi-Target configuration Preparation Hardware setup Arbitration paths and Bi-directional paths must be set command devices for 4x4 between P-L, P-R and L-R sites. configuration are necessary.

  • Page 15: Remote Dkc Control Function

    configurations are XP10000/XP12000 disk arrays, XP20000/XP24000 disk arrays, or P9500 disk arrays. N:1 configuration and a configuration that consists of 4 or more DCs are not supported. BCM supports 4x4 and 4x4x4 Multi-Target configurations. Note that the configuration should consist entirely of XP10000/XP12000 disk arrays, XP20000/XP24000 disk arrays, or P9500 disk arrays.

  • Page 16

    Do not perform PPRC operation to the BCM copy pairs. If you performed PPRC operation to the BCM copy pairs, dissolve and re-establish them by BCM. But only if you performed CSUSPEND operation with default operands on the BCM copy pairs as Cnt Ac-S copy group without the C/T group ID, you can resynchronize such copy pairs with CESTPAIR operation with default operands.

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