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Installation Instructions - NewAir AC-14000E Owner's Manual

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Installing the Exhaust Hose and Window Kit:
The unit is a portable air conditioner that may be moved from room to room. Hot air must be
exhausted out of the room for the appliance to work. This can be done with the included
window kit or by cutting a hole into a wall.
1. Venting Through a Window (Using the Window Kit)
Attach the round connector to the exhaust hose and secure it in place with screws.
Then, insert the other end of the exhaust hose into the window kit's round opening.
Open your window and insert the window kit into the open gap. Adjust the size of
the kit if necessary by sliding the window across so that the window kit is securely
held into place. This technique may also be used for sash windows.
2. Venting Through a Wall
Cut a 5.95" (151 mm) diameter hole in the wall.
Insert the exhaust hose through the hole. On the other side of the wall, attach the
round connector to the exhaust hose with screws (Fig. 7). When the air conditioner
is not in use, cover the hole with the provided exhaust cap.
Window kit
Wall or Window
Round connector



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