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Safety Precautions - Fujitsu FI-590PRF Operator's Manual

Imprinter option for fi-5900c color image scanner
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Safety Precautions

Do not touch the power plug with wet hands, since
doing so can cause electric shocks.
A damaged AC cable can cause fire or electric
Do not place heavy objects on AC cables, or pull,
bend, twist, heat, damage or modify AC cables.
Do not use damaged AC cables or power plugs. Do
not install AC cables or power plugs in loose wall
Do not use cables other than the ones supplied with
this product. Use only specified AC cables and
connector cables. Failure to use the correct cables
might cause electric shock and/or equipment failure.
Use this scanner only at the indicated power voltage
and current. Improper power voltage and current
might cause fire, electric shock and/or equipment
Do not connect to multiple-power strips.
Wipe off any dust from metal parts on the power plug
or metal fittings with a soft, dry cloth. Accumulated
dust might cause fire or electric shock.
Do not install the scanner in locations subject to oil
smoke, steam, humidity, and dust. Doing so might
cause a fire or electric shock.
If you detect heat coming from the device or detect
other problems such as smoke, strange smells or
noises, immediately turn off the scanner and then
disconnect its power plug.
Make sure that the smoke has stopped and, then
contact the store where you bought the scanner or
an authorized FUJITSU scanner service provider.
If the scanner is damaged for any reason, turn off the
scanner and unplug the power cable before
contacting the store where you purchased the
Do not insert or drop metal objects into the scanner.
Do not scan wet documents or documents with paper
clips or staples.
Do not splash liquids on or allow the scanner to get
If foreign objects (water, small metal objects, liquids,
etc.) get inside the scanner, immediately turn off the
scanner and disconnect the power plug from the
power outlet, then contact the store where you
bought the scanner or the Maintenance Service
Center. Pay particular attention to this warning in
households where there are small children.
Do not take apart or modify the scanner. The inside
of the scanner contains high-voltage components.
Touching these components might cause fire or
electric shock.
The following describes important cautions.
Make sure that the scanner is installed on a flat, level
surface and that none of its parts extend beyond the
surface top, such as a desk or table.
Do not install the scanner on unstable surfaces.
Install the scanner on a leveled surface that is free of
vibration to prevent it from falling.
Install the scanner on a strong surface that will
support the weight of the scanner and other devices.
Firmly insert the power plug as far it can go into the
power outlet.
Install the scanner away from strong magnetic fields
and other sources of electronic noise. Also, protect
the scanner from static electricity as this might cause
the scanner to malfunction.
Do not use aerosol sprays to clean the scanner.
Aerosol sprays cause dirt and dust to enter the
scanner resulting in scanner failure and malfunction.
When the scanner will not be used for a long period,
for safety precautions, be sure to disconnect the
power plug from the power outlet.
Do not place the scanner in direct sunlight or near a
heating apparatus, as excessive heat can build up
inside the scanner and cause fire or scanner-related
troubles. Install the scanner in a well-ventilated
Do not block the ventilation ports. Blocking the
ventilation ports generates heat inside of scanner,
which may result in fire or scanning failure.
Do not place heavy objects on the scanner or use the
scanner's surface top to perform other work.
Improper installation might cause injuries and
equipment failure.
Do not move the scanner with the power and
interface cables connected as this can damage the
cables, which can later cause fire, electric shock as
well as injury.
Before moving the scanner, be sure to disconnect
the power plug from the power outlet, and all other
data cables.
Make sure that the floor is free of any obstructions.
Avoid touching any scanner mechanism when the
scanner is turned on or during scanning since this
may cause injuries.
Do not use the device immediately after moving it
from a cold place to a warm room. This may cause
condensation, which might lead to scanning errors.
Let the device dry about one or two hours before you
use it.
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