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Symbols Used In This Manual - Fujitsu FI-590PRF Operator's Manual

Imprinter option for fi-5900c color image scanner
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Bescheinigung des Herstellers /
Für den fi-590PRF wid folgendes bescheinigt:
In Übereinsstimmung mit den Bestimmungen der
EN45014(CE) funkentstört
3.GPSGV: Der höchste Schalldruckpegel beträgt
70 dB (A) oder weniger, gemäß EN ISO 7779.
Use in High-safety Applications
This product has been designed and manufactured on
the assumption that it will be used in office, personal,
domestic, regular industrial, and general-purpose
applications. It has not been designed and
manufactured for use in applications (simply called
"high-safety applications" from here on) that directly
involve danger to life and health when a high degree
of safety is required, for example, in the control of
nuclear reactions at nuclear power facilities,
automatic flight control of aircraft, air traffic control,
operation control in mass-transport systems, medical
equipment for sustaining life, and missile firing
control in weapons systems, and when provisionally
the safety in question is not ensured. The user should
use this product with adopting measures for ensuring
safety in such high-safety applications. PFU
LIMITED assumes no liability whatsoever for
damages arising from use of this product by the user
in high-safety applications, and for any claims or
compensation for damages by the user or a third
Warning Indications Used In This Manual
This indication alerts operators to an operation
that, if not strictly observed, may result in
severe injury or death.
This indication alerts operators to an
operation that, if not strictly observed, may
result in safety hazards to personnel or
damage to equipment.
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Symbols Used In This Manual

This manual uses the following symbols in addition
to warning indications
This symbol alerts operators to particularly
important information. Be sure to read this
information first before proceeding.
This symbol alerts the operator to useful advice on
operating the device.
The triangle indicates that special care and
attention is required.
A drawing inside the triangle shows what specific
A circle with a slanted line through it indicates an
action or step that should not be performed.
Outline characters on a colored background show
instructions that users should follow.
It may also include the drawing of the specific
Screen Examples In This Manual
The screen examples in this manual are subject to
change without notice in the interest of product
If your displayed screen differs from the screen
examples in this manual, operate by following your
actual displayed screen while referring to the User's
Manual of the scanner application you are using.
The screenshots used in this manual are for Windows,
FUJITSU TWAIN 32 Scanner Driver.
About Maintenance
The user must not perform repairs on this product.
Contact the store where you purchased the scanner or
an authorized FUJITSU Image Scanner service
provider to have repairs made on this product.



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