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Extension Cords - Craftsman 172.24360 Owner's Manual

10-in. compound miter saw double insulated
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It is a known fact that electric tools are subject to accelerated wear and possible
premature failure when they are used to work on fiber glass boats and sports
cars, wallboard, spackling compounds or plaster. The chips and grindings from
these materials are highly abrasive to electrical tool parts, such as bearings,
brushes, commutators, etc. Consequently, it is not recommended that this tool
be used for extended work on any fiber glass material, wallboard, spackling
compound, or plaster. During any use on these materials,
it is extremely
important that the tool is cleaned frequently
by blowing with an air jet.
ALWAYS wear safety goggles or safety glasses
with side shields when using this tool or blowing dust. If operation
is dusty, also wear a dust mask.
All of the bearings in this tool are lubricated with a sufficient amount of
high-grade lubricant for the life of the tool under normal operating conditions.
Therefore, no further lubrication is required.
Sears offers a large selection
of blades, table extensions,
roller tables,
extension cords and more that are ideal for use with your 10-inch compound
miter saw for a variety of cutting needs.
The use of any extension cord will cause some loss of power. To keep the loss
at a minimum and to prevent overheating, use an extension cord that is heavy
enough to carry the current that the tool will draw
A wire gauge (AWG) of at least 14 is recommended
for an extension cord 25
feet or less in length. When working outdoors ALWAYS use an extension cord
that is suitable for outdoor use. The cord's jacket will be marked WA.
Keep extension cords away from the cutting area,
and position the cord so it will not get caught on lumber, tools, etc.
during the cutting operation.
Check extension cord before each use. If damaged,
replace it immediately.
NEVER use a tool with a damaged cord because
touching the damaged
area could cause electrical shock, resulting in
serious injury.
The use of attachments
or accessories
that are
not recommended
might be dangerous.

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Table of Contents

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