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Installation; Water Connection - Electrolux ESF2450 User Manual

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14 electrolux
Dry water drop signs on
glasses and dishes


Warning! Make sure that mains plug is
disconnected from the mains socket
during installation.
Fitting the appliance
Put the appliance adjacent to a water tap and
a drain.
When you put the appliance in place, make
sure that the water hoses are not kinked or
Install the appliance on a kitchen sink, work-
top or built-in..
Install the dishwasher into the furniture of the

Water connection

Inlet hose
The appliance has safety features to prevent
that the water in the appliance goes back into
the drinking water system.
Connected the appliance to a hot (max. 60°)
or cold water supply.
The cleaning results are not satisfactory
• Increase rinse aid dosage.
• The detergent can be the cause.
Make sure that the dimensions of the recess
agree with the given dimensions.
Make sure that there are openings in the fur-
niture for the inlet hose, the water drain hose
and the mains cable.
Adjusting the level of the appliance
Make sure that the appliance is level to close
and seal the door correctly. If the level of the
appliance is correct, the door does not catch
on the sides of the cabinet. If the door does
not close correctly, loosen or tighten the ad-
justable feet until the appliance is level.
If the hot water comes from alternative sour-
ces of energy that are more environmentally
friendly (e.g. solar or photovoltaic panels and
aeolian), use a hot water supply to decrease
energy consumption.
It is important that a water tap or stopcock is
near the dishwasher with easy access.

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