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Use Of The Appliance; Setting The Water Softener - Electrolux ESF2450 User Manual

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1) The indicator light is off when a washing programme operates.
Delay start button
Use the delay start button to delay the start
of the washing programme with an interval
between 1 and 19 hours. Refer to the chapter
'Setting and starting a washing programme'.
Digital display
The display shows:
• Adjusted level of the water softener.
• Programme duration.
• Remaining time to the end of the pro-
• End of a washing programme.
• Number of hours in delay start.
• Fault codes.
Save energy button
This function decreases the temperature in
the drying phase. Saved energy is between
10% and 25%.
If dishes at the end of the programme
are wet, keep the door ajar to let the
dishes dry naturally.
This function is available with all washing pro-
grammes. The related indicator light comes
on when you press the button.

Use of the appliance

Refer to the following instructions for each
step of procedure:
1. Make a check if the water softener level
is correct for the water hardness in your
area. If necessary set the water softener.
2. Fill the salt container with dishwasher salt.
3. Fill the rinse aid dispenser with rinse aid.
4. Load cutlery and dishes into the dish-

Setting the water softener

The water softener removes minerals and
salts from the water supply. Minerals and
salts can have bad effect on the operation of
the appliance.
Indicator lights
The indicator light comes on when it is necessary
to fill the rinse aid. Refer to the chapter 'Use of
rinse aid'.
The save energy function has no effect on
some programmes. Refer to the chapter
'Washing programmes' for the list of pro-
grammes where save energy has or not an
Function buttons
Use the function buttons for these opera-
• To set the water softener. Refer to the
chapter 'Setting the water softener'.
• To cancel the washing programme in pro-
gress or a delay start in progress. Refer to
the chapter 'Setting and starting a washing
Setting mode
The appliance is in setting mode when all
programme indicator lights are on.
The appliance must be in setting mode for
these operations:
– To set a washing programme.
– To set the water softener level.
If a programme indicator light is on, cancel
the programme to go back to the setting
mode. Refer to the chapter "Setting and
starting a washing programme".
5. Set the correct washing programme for
the type of load and soil.
6. Fill the detergent dispenser with the cor-
rect quantity of detergent.
7. Start the washing programme.
If you use detergent tablets, refer to the
chapter 'Use of detergent'.
Water hardness is measured in equivalent
• German degrees (dH°).
• French degrees (°TH).
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