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Use Of Detergent - Electrolux ESF2450 User Manual

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8 electrolux
• While you load cutlery and dishes, do
these steps:
– Load hollow items (e.g. cups, glasses
and pans) with the opening down.
– Make sure that water does not collect in
the container or in a deep base.
– Make sure that cutlery and dishes do not
lie inside one another.
– Make sure that cutlery and dishes do not
cover other cutlery and dishes.
– Make sure that glasses do not touch
other glasses.
– Put small objects in the cutlery basket.
• Plastic items and pans with non-stick
coatings can keep water droplets.
• Plastic items do not dry as well as porce-
lain and steel items.
• Put light items in the main basket. Make
sure that the items do not move.
Caution! Make sure that the spray arm
can move freely before you start a
washing programme.
Primary basket
Arrange the deep dishes and large lids
around the edge of the basket. Arrange items
on and below the cup racks. The water must
come to all parts of the dishes.
You can fold the cup racks to clean high

Use of detergent

Only use detergents (powder, liquid or
tablet) that are applicable for dishwash-
Follow the data on the packaging:
• Dosage recommended by the manu-
• Storage recommendations.
Cutlery basket
Warning! Do not put long-bladed knives
in a vertical position to prevent injury.
Arrange long and/or sharp items of cutlery
horizontally in the primary basket. Be careful
with sharp items such as knives.
Use the cutlery basket for:
• Forks and spoons with the handles down.
• Knives with the handles up.
The cutlery basket has a cutlery grid that you
can remove.
Do not let the cutlery bond together.
Make sure that the spray arm can move
freely before you close the door.
The instructions on the packaging usu-
ally refer to large dishwashers (12 set-
Do not use more than the correct quan-
tity of detergent to save an environment.

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