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If You Are Unable To Change Any Values In Setup; If A Post Error Message Is Displayed - HP Kayak XW A2-U2-W2 Troubleshooting Manual

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Rebuild Your PC
HP Kayak XW 0480 PC Workstation — Troubleshooting Your HP PC Workstation
If Your PC Workstation Does Not Start Properly
If your PC Workstation still does not start properly, remove all boards
and accessories, except the hard disk drive and video board. Start the
PC Workstation. If the PC Workstation now works, add the boards and
accessories one at a time to determine which one is causing the

If you are Unable to Change any Values in Setup

Ensure that you are using the correct password.

If a POST Error Message is Displayed

The Power-On-System-Test (POST) can detect both an error and a
change to the configuration. In either case, an error code and short
description is displayed. Depending on the kind of error, you will have
one or more of these choices available on screen:
to ignore the message and continue.
to run Setup and correct a system configuration error. HP
recommends that you correct the error before proceeding, even if
the PC Workstation appears to start successfully.
to accept (validate) the change and update Setup's
configuration information.
to see more details about the message. After viewing
these details, you will be returned to the original POST display
screen. If the message is actually a change to the configuration you
have made (for example, you have just removed some memory), you
can then press
configuration information. Otherwise, press
message and continue, or press
system configuration error. (The number of choices you will have
available are dependent on the kind of error.)
to accept the change and update Setup's
to run Setup and correct a
to ignore the


Table of Contents

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