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If You Have A Network Problem - HP Kayak XW A2-U2-W2 Troubleshooting Manual

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HP Kayak XW 0480 PC Workstation — Troubleshooting Your HP PC Workstation
If Your PC Workstation Has a Software Problem

If You Have a Network Problem

If you have a problem with your PC Workstation's network, run the
HPIEDIAG utility provided on the HP CD-ROM that contains the LAN
drivers, supplied with your PC Workstation. This utility should be run
from a minimal DOS system, without any LAN drivers loaded—achieve
this by booting from a system floppy disk. (If your PC Workstation is
running Windows NT 4.0, you will need to create this system floppy
disk on another PC.)
1 Insert the system floppy disk in the floppy disk drive and re-boot
your PC Workstation.
2 Insert the CD-ROM containing the HPIEDIAG utility in the CD-ROM
3 Make the CD-ROM drive the current drive by typing, for example,
if D is the letter of your CD-ROM drive.
4 Change to the DIAG directory by typing:
5 Start the HPIEDIAG utility by typing:
the instructions on the screen.
Then check the configuration of the integrated Ethernet interface
using the Setup program. Refer also to the Network Administrator's
Guide preloaded onto your PC Workstation.
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