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HP Kayak XW A2-U2-W2 Troubleshooting Manual page 17

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The CD-ROM Drive Does not Open
If you have difficulty removing a CD-ROM disk from the CD-ROM drive
(during a power failure for example), you can use the manual eject
button. To eject a CD-ROM disk using the manual eject button, proceed
as follows:
1 If the CD-ROM drive manual eject button is not visible, remove the
front bezel covering the drive. The manual eject button is inside a
small hole in the front of the CD-ROM drive.
2 With a thin, solid rod, such as the end of a paper clip, push the drive's
manual eject button.
Using the manual eject feature.
The picture shows two possible
locations of the manual eject
3 The drive door is released, opening slightly. Carefully pull it open
fully and retrieve the disk.
4 To close the drive door, push it gently closed without forcing it. The
drive door may not close completely until it is fully functional (for
example, when the power comes back on).
5 If required, replace the drive's front bezel.
If an Accessory Board Does not Work
Carry out the following checks:
Check that the accessory board has been firmly installed in the slot.
Check that the accessory board has been correctly configured.
Check that the accessory board is not using memory, I/O addresses,
an IRQ, or DMA also used by the PC Workstation.
HP Kayak XW 0480 PC Workstation — Troubleshooting Your HP PC Workstation
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