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Check Internal Items
HP Kayak XW 0480 PC Workstation — Troubleshooting Your HP PC Workstation
If the PC Workstation still does not start properly, follow this procedure
to check the internal items:
1 Turn off the display, the computer, and all external devices.
2 Unplug all power cords and cables, noting their positions. Disconnect
the PC Workstation from any telecommunications network.
3 Remove the cover and check the following items:
LCD Error Messages
Power CPU 1
Power CPU 2
Power Cache
CPU error
No RAM, RAM type
Temp disk, Temp CPU
Temp IO slot
Fan CPU, Fan disk
Fan IO slot
Power supply
No video
No CPU 1
CPU Socket
4 Replace the cover. Reconnect all cables and power cords. Turn on
the display and computer.
If Your PC Workstation Does Not Start Properly
a) Check all internal cables.
b) Ensure they are correctly attached and firmly in place.
Check that the processors and VRMs are correctly installed.
a) Reset the PC Workstation or power-off the LAN.
b) Refer to the User's Guide that came with your PC Workstation.
Check that the memory modules are correctly installed.
Check that accessory boards are firmly seated in their slots.
a) Verify that any switches and jumpers on the accessory boards are
properly set.
b) Refer to the manuals that came with each board.
Check that the switches on the system board are properly set.
Check fans and that air flow guide is not blocked.
Check that fans are installed correctly.
Check that power supply is properly connected.
Check that power supply is properly connected, and that terminators and
VRMs are properly installed.
a )Check that the video card is properly installed.
b )Refer to the manual that came with the video card.
Check that boot processor is correctly installed in socket 1.
Check that either a processor or terminator is installed in the processor



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