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If The Cd-Rom Drive Has A Problem - HP Kayak XW A2-U2-W2 Troubleshooting Manual

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HP Kayak XW 0480 PC Workstation — Troubleshooting Your HP PC Workstation
If Your PC Workstation Has a Hardware Problem

If the CD-ROM Drive Has a Problem

The CD-ROM Drive Does not Work
Check that the cables have been properly connected.
Check that the CD-ROM is inserted in the drive.
Check the IDE Devices configuration settings in the Setup program
Advanced > IDE Devices
Check the Hardware Protection settings in the Setup program
Security > Hardware Protection
Check the Boot Device Security settings in the Setup program
Security > Boot Devices Security
Check that the Integrated Bus IDE Adapters item is set to Both in the
Setup program (
No Sound from the CD-ROM Drive
If you are having problems with sound when playing a CD:
Check that the volume control (if present) on the CD-ROM or
CD-RW drive front panel is not set to the minimum.
Ensure that the disk in the drive is an audio disk and not a photo CD
or data CD.
If using headphones or external speakers, check that they are
properly connected to the Audio Front Panel (not to the audio jack
for the CD-ROM).
Check that the CD Audio switch is selected in the mixer (if selected
a speaker icon will appear in the taskbar).
Check that the CD audio cable is correctly installed and is connected
to the system board.
The CD-ROM Drive is Idle
If the drive does not appear to be working, try accessing the disk by
clicking on the drive icon or drive letter assigned to the drive by your
operating system.
Advanced > IDE Devices


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